Tuberculosis in China

Ray Mahoney, a friend of mine, was recently diagnosed with TB.  His story can be seen online TB In China and

at   and . Ray has about 20 years of experience as a foreigner in China, and I have about eight or ten. We have learned a lot that we didn’t know about what happens when medical attention is needed. We have learned about deportation when an infectious disease is present, and the quarantine policies. This video highlights the issues, and as I write, the issues for Ray remain unresolved.

“Happy” in Guiyang (Pharrell Williams song, from “Despicable Me 2”)

‘Happy’ in Guiyang 贵阳 -Hualin 贵阳华麟中学 Summer camp at Meijia 贵阳美加国际学校 Guiyang American-Canadian International School

“Happy” in Guiyang uploaded at “”

Happy” is a 2013 song by American singer and producer Pharrell Williams from Despicable Me 2 .  The original video spawned many cover videos on YouTube in which people from different cities throughout the world dance to the song. Those videos are usually called “Pharrell Williams – Happy – We Are from [name of the city]”.  As of May 2014, more than 1,500 videos had been created.  From Wikipedia,

for versions of this song uploaded on Chinese website Youku see:

Other “Happy” videos in China:

Beijing – , ,

Shanghai –

Nanjing –

Guangzhou (Jinan Univ.) – , (Zhongshan Univ.)

Changsha –

Wuxi –

Macao –

Hong Kong –


golfing in Guiyang – 贵阳扎佐高尔夫 Zha Zuo Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China

golfing in Guiyang – 贵阳扎佐高尔夫 Zha Zuo Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China
30 minutes from Guiyang Longdongbao Airport.  30 minutes from downtown Guiyang.

many photos of the Guiyang Golf Club at: ; also see:

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Diplomats compete in tennis, golf in Guiyang

2014-07-14 17:32, By Sun Xiaochen (,

The Diplomats’ Sport Games 2014 concluded its two-day Guiyang competition leg over the weekend in Guizhou province, the event organizer said.

The Diplomats’ Sport Games 2014 concluded its two-day Guiyang competition leg over the weekend in Guizhou province, the event organizer said.

Approved by the General Administration of Sport of China, the annual games are organized by the International Sports Exchange Center of the GASC to promote “sportsmanship, friendship and exchanges”. More than 40 diplomats and staff from 19 embassies, consulates and international organizations competed in golf and double’s tennis.

Paul Fernando and Ronnie Fabricio, both diplomatic officers from Ecuador, won the men’s tennis doubles champions and Hoang Huy-Bui from Vietnam finished first in the men’s golf tournament.

Women were also invited to play but rankings were not given because of the low turnout.

“Through the competition, every participant experienced the joy of sport and enhanced friendships while developing mutual understanding,” said Zhang Qiuping, director of GASC’s International Sports Exchange Center.

Featuring the concept of “Sports Without Borders”, the event has previously been held five times in locations including Beijing, Zhejiang and Fujian, attracting more than 300 diplomats from more than 60 countries and organizations since it was launched in 2009.

Entering its sixth year in Guizhou, which boasts rich ethnic folk customs, the games provide an ideal platform for foreign diplomats to witness China’s social economic development while enjoying sports.

During their stay in Guiyang, diplomats have been invited to attend the opening ceremony and discussion of a summit forum, “Ecologically Civilized Guiyang”.

They will also visit the National Wetland Park in Huaxi, a southern suburb of Guiyang, to experience the local folk culture.

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Guizhou Guiyang Golf Club


Guizhou Guiyang Golf Club is the only forest golf course on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is surrounded by the Langchao Lake Reservoir, boasts the mild and average temperature. Especially, the unique karst topography, convenient transportation, attractive environment and considerate service have made it a popular golf resort.

Located in Zhazuo Town, the club is 20 minutes’ drive from the downtown of Guiyang if you go by the expressway. With a total area of over 494 acres, it is the only 36-hole international tournament standard golf course in Guizhou Province. Two enthralling 18-hole courses with different flavor are constructed on the typical Karst landform, which keep the most origin of the landscape.

With large bunkers, pools, odd stones and rare trees together, Guiyang Golf Club has become the world-class forest golf course in China. A full range of amenities like super deluxe clubhouse, grand dinning room, beauty salon, gym, swimming pool, tennis, sauna and fishing are all provided.

The two-story 48-seat luxury golf practicing hall is available for playing at any time; the clubhouse is decorated with traditional Chinese wood carvings. The grand dinning room can house as many as 600 people having banquet together. There is also a long corridor along the Langchao Lake where you can appreciate relief sculptures on the pillars and admire the ancient African, Chinese and Greek cultures. What is more, the hotel is equipped with facilities of five-star standard, offering you high-quality services.

Address: Sanyuan, Zhazuo Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, Tel: 86-851-2351888, Fax: 86-851-2351260

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Member Guest
Green Fee(18hole)
500 yuan 元 RMB

Guizhou Renhe Football Club 贵州人和足球俱乐部


Guizhou Renhe Football Club 贵州人和足球俱乐部

Guizhou Renhe F.C.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

Guizhou Renhe Football Club (simplified Chinese: 贵州人和; traditional Chinese: 貴州人和; pinyin: Guìzhōu Rénhé) is a Chinese professional football club based in Guiyang, Guizhou. They play at the Guiyang Olympic Centre and currently compete in the Chinese Super League. Founded in Pudong, Shanghai in 1995, the club was originally known as Shanghai Pudong though they changed their second part of their name on several occasions to suit their sponsors. During the 2006 season, the club, which had named itself Shanghai International, would move away from Shanghai to Shaanxi and rename themselves Xi’an Chanba International, or Inter Xi’an by the fans. Before the 2012 season, the club moved to Guizhou, and changed their name to Guizhou Renhe.

Guizhou library English corner, with medical students from Ghana, March 2014

Guizhou library English corner, March 2014, with Akilu, medical student in Guiyang from Ghana. This English corner is held each Saturday 2:30-5:00, on the 4th floor foreign books collection of the Guizhou Provincial Library 贵州省图书馆, Beijing Road 北京路, across from the Guizhou Hotel.

Christmas 2013 at Guiyang North Catholic Church 贵阳北天主教堂 and at a middle school

Christmas 2013 at Guiyang North Catholic Church 贵阳北天主教堂
Christmas 2013 at Guiyang American-Canadian International School – ‘Meijia’ 贵阳美加国际学校

getting imported cheese and canned soups in Guiyang: Youyou Baking 优优烘焙 (Youyou Hongbei), in 25th fl apt/store in Dayingpo, northern part of Guiyang

store in Guiyang with foreign brand food products–cheese, soups, imported butter, etc – from a 25th fl  apt/store

store name: Youyou Baking 优优烘焙 (Youyou Hongbei), tel: 86-189 8511 3035, email:,, website:,, address: 贵阳市大营坡营通花园E座2单元2507号, Room 2507, Unit 2, Bldg E, Yingtong Garden, Dayingpo, Guiyang

Nov 2013 photo is of store owner with expats in Guiyang hungry for a taste of home. From right: Yaacov Ben-David (a Canadian/Israeli/Iranian biologist researching cancer drugs at the Guizhou Medical Plants Botanical Garden / Key Laboratory of Chemistry for Natural Products of Guizhou Province under Chinese Academy of Sciences, from Toronto),  Jack Porter (Guizhou Normal University, from Michigan), Hal Wolowitz (Guizhou Finance and Economics University, from New York City), Ray Mahoney (Guiyang American-Canadian International School, from Kentucky).

Guizhou tourism map, categorized list of places to see

List of places to see in Guizhou:

Guiyang: Leisure and Holiday Tour

Guiyang Qianling Mountain, Yangming Shrine. Jiaxiu Tower and Stone Culture Art Palace-Tianhe Pond in Huaxi, Ancient Toxvn of Qingyan and Zhenshancun Buyei Village-BaihLia Lake-Kaiyang Nanjiang Canyon Park-Xiuwen Yangming Cave. Liuguang River and Golf Holiday Centered Maple Lake

Western Route: Exploration Tour of Karst Marvels and Tunpu Culture

Red Maple Lake in Guiyang-Tianlong, Jiuxi, Benzhai and Old Town of Yunshan-Zhijin Cave-Dragon Palace-Huangguoshu and Tianxing Bridge-Guanling Fossil Groups National Geopark and Huajiang Grand Canyon-Zhenfeng Sancha River and Buyei folklore-Zhaodi Causeway and the tomb of 18 scholars of the Southern Ming in Anlong-Xingyi Museum of Ethnic Wedding Customs, Maling River Canyon, and Ten-Thousand Peak Forest-Kunming in Yunnan

Eastern Route: Miao & Dong Culture Tour

1. Guiyang-Nanhua Miao Village in Kaili-Shanglangde and Xijiang Miao villages in Leishan County-Shidong in Taijiang-Hot Spring in Jianhe-Old Town of Longli in Jinping-Natural Bridge in Liping, Dong Village of Zhaoxing and Tangan Dong Ecological Museum-Gaozeng Dong Village of Congjiang, and Miao Village of Yisha-Sanbao Dong Village in Rongjiang-terraced fields of YongleGuiyang

Guiyang-Gejia Village in Huangping, Feiyunya and drifting along the Yedong River-Yuntai Mountain of Shibing, drifting along the Shanmu River-Qinglongdong of Zhenyuan, Xiayang and Tiexi-Nine-dragon Cave of Tongren, and Fanjing Mountain-Zhangjiajie in Hunan

Northem Route: Long March Culture and Land of National Liquor Tour

Guiyang-Xifeng Concentration Camp-Wujiang Ferry Crossing-Site of the Zunyi Meeting, Red Army Mountain, and Loushan Pass-Renhuai Na tional Liquor Gate. Monument for Crossing the Chishui River Four Times, and National Liquor Maotai Culture Museum-Xishui Sancha RiverChishui Spinulose Tree Fern Nature Reserve, Swallow Rock, Zhuhai National Forest Park, Shizhang Cave and Four Cave Gully waterfalls, Bingan and Old Town of Datong-Luzhou in Sichuan

Southern Route: Primitive Ecological Culture Tour

Guiyang-Mt. Doupeng of Duyun-Ancient Miao Papermaking of Shiqiao Village in Danxia-Bangao and Zhelei Shui Villages in Sandu-Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Zone, Seven Arches in Various Sizes, Drifting along Shuichun River and Yao Village-Hechi in Guangxi

Red Tourist ltineraries

1. Guiyang-Xifeng Concentration Camp (Wujiang Scenic Zone)-Site of the Zunyi Meeting (Huagang Martyrs Cemetery)-Site of the Ninth Headquarter of the Red Army in Meitan and the Anti-Japanese Culture of Zhejiang University Moved to West China-Site of the Loushan Pass BattleLesser West Lake Anti-Japanese Culture in Tongzi-Renhuai. Xishui and the Memorial Site of Crossing the Chishui River Four Times.

2. Guiyang-Red Maple Lake-Anshun City (Former Residence of Wang Ruofei, Confucius Temple and historical streets)-Dragon Palace-Huangguoshu-Wanger River Reservoir, Qinglong Anti-Japanese Culture (Guanling Yongning Steel. Shier Bridge and the 24 Bends in Qinglong)-Maling River.

3. Guiyang-Kaili (Wuyang River in Zhenyuan)-Leishan (Bala River and Xijiang Miao Village)-Liping. Congjiang and Rongjiang Dong & Miao Culture Tourism Zone (Old Town of Longli in Jinping, and Sanmentang of Tianzhu)-Miao & Dong Ethnic Culture Tourism Zone in Jianhe and Taijiang

4. Guiyang-Duyun-DushanLibo ( Former Residence of Deng Enming, Shuipu Village, and Banzhai where the Seventh Red Army Joined Forces with Other Armies)-Pingtang (Jinpen Landscape in Shuicheng County, Geological Marvels in Zhangbu, rural tours, and Jiacha Leisure and Holiday Zone)-Sandu which links with Liujiang, Liping, Congjiang and Rongjiang Dong Culture Tourism Zone.

Our Place 幸福学堂, Tucker English School 英语学校, Guiyang International Businesses Meetup Club

Our Place, Tucker English School 英语学校,
 student trip to US, Feb 2014 by Guiyang Xingfuxuetang 幸福学堂

In February 2014 we plan to take up to 20 students to Denver for about 2 weeks exchange, then some winter sports in Winter Park area in Colorado, finally touring DC and New York. The whole trip will be 3 weeks. Students will stay with their host families for two weeks and attend school activities. We have three private schools to work with: Colorado School of English (focusing on teaching
international students), Colorado International School, and Regis Jesuit School. see   Also see photos of a student, Diego, from last year’s trip:   Contact: Boni Jiang,135 9519 2840, ; Katie Scott, ;

Guiyang student “Diego” (in light blue hat, 4th from left) with classmates on a trip to the United States in the summer of 2013, organized by Xingfuxuetang 幸福学堂. A similar trip is planned this coming winter break in February 2014.
Diego at a baseball park, Denver
Diego and fellow Guiyang classmate at Disneyland
with Iron Man, in Disneyland, Los Angeles
Diego with other students of English in Denver.
at a marathon in Colorado
All the meat! —Diego wanted more vegetables.
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Tucker English School

The Tucker English School is set up in Guiyang China to offer a new way of learning. The Tucker family believes the long term purpose of learning English is to be able to speak and use it, rather than purely to pass exams. The aim is to use original English story books, games, songs, musical plays, different media rather than textbooks to make learning fun, realistic and productive. We aim to raise awareness of English culture by following the major seasonal events that happen in the UK. To inspire the children to learn English with enjoyment and confidence are our utmost goals. The Tucker English School is creating an environment that helps children to build up characters of a more rounded person as well as achieving their academic English excellence.

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Guiyang International Businesses Meetup Club


Doing business in China is not easy. Doing business in Guiyang is probably twice harder, considering the local dialect, spicy food, cold and long winter, and lacking of international community. However, it could be fun and full of adventures in Guizhou too. This meetup group is set to put adventurous international entrepreneurs together in Guiyang. So, they share their experiences and expertise and help each other to pursue their goals in this land. Look forward to meeting all of you!

Boni Jiang

Location:Guiyang China

Organizer since:February 10, 2013 


My name is Boni Jiang. I am a local from Guizhou Province and now live in Guiyang. In the past five years I was providing international consulting services in clean energy and carbon credit businesses.

What do you expect from this meetup group?

I hope to meet people and form a community in international business in Guiyang. So, business people and entrepreneurs can share their expertise and experiences.

What would you like to contribute to the community?

I’d like to initiate this community and share my experiences in the past five years.

Are you doing international business in Guiyang or Guizhou?

Yes, mostly consulting for international companies and some Chinese companies.

How did you find us?

Reference from a business subscription.

Can you tell us what your business is?

Energy related consulting. Recently I am extending to education consulting.

The Guizhou Library has a very nice collection of English books on the 4th floor Foreign Language 外文 section. Open every day.  This Saturday English corner there has been organized by 85 year old “Camel” for many years (his first English corner was at the Qianling Park).   Library cards that allow borrowing of books for one month are available with a 200 yuan deposit.

children’s collection at Guizhou Library, 1st fl, Beijing Rd, with Jack Porter (Guizhou Normal U. English teacher) , Oct 2013, posted at

Occasional story reading at the children’s section of the Guizhou Library (Beijing Road, next to the Guizhou Museum) by volunteer teachers on Saturday afternoons.