golfing in Guiyang – 贵阳扎佐高尔夫 Zha Zuo Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China

golfing in Guiyang – 贵阳扎佐高尔夫 Zha Zuo Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China
30 minutes from Guiyang Longdongbao Airport.  30 minutes from downtown Guiyang.

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Diplomats compete in tennis, golf in Guiyang

2014-07-14 17:32, By Sun Xiaochen (,

The Diplomats’ Sport Games 2014 concluded its two-day Guiyang competition leg over the weekend in Guizhou province, the event organizer said.

The Diplomats’ Sport Games 2014 concluded its two-day Guiyang competition leg over the weekend in Guizhou province, the event organizer said.

Approved by the General Administration of Sport of China, the annual games are organized by the International Sports Exchange Center of the GASC to promote “sportsmanship, friendship and exchanges”. More than 40 diplomats and staff from 19 embassies, consulates and international organizations competed in golf and double’s tennis.

Paul Fernando and Ronnie Fabricio, both diplomatic officers from Ecuador, won the men’s tennis doubles champions and Hoang Huy-Bui from Vietnam finished first in the men’s golf tournament.

Women were also invited to play but rankings were not given because of the low turnout.

“Through the competition, every participant experienced the joy of sport and enhanced friendships while developing mutual understanding,” said Zhang Qiuping, director of GASC’s International Sports Exchange Center.

Featuring the concept of “Sports Without Borders”, the event has previously been held five times in locations including Beijing, Zhejiang and Fujian, attracting more than 300 diplomats from more than 60 countries and organizations since it was launched in 2009.

Entering its sixth year in Guizhou, which boasts rich ethnic folk customs, the games provide an ideal platform for foreign diplomats to witness China’s social economic development while enjoying sports.

During their stay in Guiyang, diplomats have been invited to attend the opening ceremony and discussion of a summit forum, “Ecologically Civilized Guiyang”.

They will also visit the National Wetland Park in Huaxi, a southern suburb of Guiyang, to experience the local folk culture.

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Guizhou Guiyang Golf Club


Guizhou Guiyang Golf Club is the only forest golf course on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is surrounded by the Langchao Lake Reservoir, boasts the mild and average temperature. Especially, the unique karst topography, convenient transportation, attractive environment and considerate service have made it a popular golf resort.

Located in Zhazuo Town, the club is 20 minutes’ drive from the downtown of Guiyang if you go by the expressway. With a total area of over 494 acres, it is the only 36-hole international tournament standard golf course in Guizhou Province. Two enthralling 18-hole courses with different flavor are constructed on the typical Karst landform, which keep the most origin of the landscape.

With large bunkers, pools, odd stones and rare trees together, Guiyang Golf Club has become the world-class forest golf course in China. A full range of amenities like super deluxe clubhouse, grand dinning room, beauty salon, gym, swimming pool, tennis, sauna and fishing are all provided.

The two-story 48-seat luxury golf practicing hall is available for playing at any time; the clubhouse is decorated with traditional Chinese wood carvings. The grand dinning room can house as many as 600 people having banquet together. There is also a long corridor along the Langchao Lake where you can appreciate relief sculptures on the pillars and admire the ancient African, Chinese and Greek cultures. What is more, the hotel is equipped with facilities of five-star standard, offering you high-quality services.

Address: Sanyuan, Zhazuo Town, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, Tel: 86-851-2351888, Fax: 86-851-2351260

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Member Guest
Green Fee(18hole)
500 yuan 元 RMB

US Passport Blues

Details of my passport issue are here:

(Written June 20)

If you are coming to China, you should have an up to date passport to avoid my dilemma.  It looks like I will have everything square with one day to spare for my flight back home July 2. It has been frustrating and a little scary. My VISA is being processed as I write and I can pick it up on June 30.  It takes five weeks to get the Expert Certificate (2 weeks) and visa (3 weeks).  Because my passport expires during the term of my next year’s contract, it was necessary to renew the passport before making application to the Chinese government for Expert Certificate and Visa. So I flew to Chengdu in the spring to get things rolling.  After all the paperwork, I thought all was well, and then when the US Consulate notified me that my passport was ready, they said that I needed to give the receipt for payment to the person picking up my new passport.  I had a friend do this to avoid a second flight to Chengdu. No mention was made of the receipt being required, and because time was of the essence, I wrote the consulate an email asking if the receipt was really necessary.  After all, no mention of the receipt was made any time during the process, and I had discarded the receipt.  That correspondence is below. It says that the receipt really isn’t necessary after all. Thank heavens for Consulate efficiency.  My friend picked up passport no problem.

The only issue I had was that the correspondence required 35 days to process and give me an answer.  I had had the passport for a month before they confirmed that I didn’t need the receipt. The correspondence was cordial, although not timely. China processed my Expert Certificate and Visa application in the time it took the US Consulate to return my email.

The Chinese completed the work on the Visa with three days to spare.




U.S. Full Passport Ready for Pickup

Chengdu, AmCit <>
May 5

to me

Your U.S. passport has arrived at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, and is ready for you to pick up. Please come to the Consular Section between 13:00 – 16:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (please see for any closures of our office).

To pick up your passport, you will need the receipt you received when applying for it and your current passport. If you are picking up for other members of your family as well (or a child), please bring their passport(s) as well as your ID. If you are unable to pick up your passport in person, you may authorize another individual to pick it up on your behalf by arranging this with our office.

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or to arrange an alternate individual to pickup on your behalf.

Chengdu Consular Section
Attachments area

John Porter <>
May 6

to AmCit
No mention was made of the receipt being required for pickup. I did not retain the receipt with my passport and it may have been discarded. I reviewed the authorization letter for my friend, Ms. Hao to pick up the passport and I planned to send that authorization letter, along with the old passport, to Ms. Hao, allowing her to pick up the new passport. Since my current passport has the active Chinese Visa, I plan to retain the old passport after it is cancelled for the duration of the Chinese Visa.

I am sorry, but I thought I had reviewed the required documents for pickup. Please advise me about what to do regarding the receipt.


John S. Porter
Chengdu, AmCit
Jun 10 (10 days ago)

to me
Good morning,

We apologize for the confusion about the receipt. It makes things easier to have it with you, but our staff will be able to hand over the new passport without it. Your old passport will be returned to you, our staff just need to process the cancellation.

Thank you,

American Citizen Services
US Consulate General
Chengdu, China