Finding the PSB in Guiyang

Finding the Public Security Bureau, Entry and Exit Administration for processing your visa can be vexing.  Often the host will process a foreigner’s, but everybody has final responsibility to make sure it is done right.  That is why I recommend visiting the PSB and talking to the enforcement officers personally.  Make sure you go before the expiration date on your visa !

The PSB is located behind the Walmart, and taxi drivers know that location.  The building is off Lincheng Xilu, which is distinctive in that it has a lot of trees on it.  Pictures provided show the area, including bus stations.  There is an extraordinarily big rock, with the building shown in the background.  When you know what to look for, it is quite easy to find.

Jinxiu Project in Qinzhen, May 18

“Beautiful Things” project last Saturday featured a lot of minority people’s fashion. The styles are modern and  the cloth was local. The venue was the “Time Town” which is a new/old city. The Time Town is a new city that has been build with old European styles to simulate an old city. It has a lot of art, restaurants, and statues. It also features a very large park area and can handle a lot of people.

Speakers at the event featured designers from around the country, including Beijing, as well as the President of Guizhou Normal University.

China Ranks #1 on Student Testing

This article references China’s performance on  the latest Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test. In comparison to China, the US scored 36th in math, 28th in science, and 24th in reading on the last PISA ranking.

The article concludes by suggesting that the US system remains better, but that the US is moving toward the Chinese system. So which is better, Yin or Yang ?

Update on Teachers Needed post

Mr. LiLi Pan at is paying teachers $20 per session of Skype instruction. Each session is 40 minutes, with a 10 minute break between sessions. That means that in an hour and a half, a person could earn $40, deposited in his/her bank account in the USA or elsewhere. I’ve taught these sessions and they are charming,

Guizhou is, except for Tibet, the poorest province in China. Mr. Pan’s schools are serving the remote areas of Guizhou. The students really do appreciate having a foreigner to talk to, even if it is via computer. Please contact Mr. Pan if you have the time. Classes run during weekdays from 4:40 AM Eastern Time to 9:00 AM.

See for more details.




Irregular Verbs, Study Guide

The following irregular verbs are required for the Freshman classes. Here are some examples:

Irregular Verbs Study Guide: Class B/C

  1. Class has always begun at 8:00 am.                                                   BEGIN.
  2. Class is always beginning at 8:00 am.
  3. Class began at 8:00 am.
  4. Don’t break the pencil.                                                                         BREAK
  5. You broke the pencil.
  6. This pencil has been broken by you.
  7. I bought a book yesterday.                                                                  BUY
  8. I can buy a book anywhere.
  9. I like to buy books.
  10. He likes to drink beer.                                                                         DRINK
  11. He is drinking beer every day.
  12. He drank beer yesterday.
  13. He has drunk beer every day this week.
  14. I gave him something to eat.                                                               EAT
  15. He ate yesterday.
  16. He has eaten every day this week.
  17. They fell in love.                                                                                     FALL
  18. They have often fallen in love.
  19. They are falling in love right now.
  20. I have forgotten many names of classmates.                                    FORGET
  21. I forgot your name.
  22. Don’t forget my name.
  23. I gave him food yesterday.                                                                   GIVE
  24. I am always giving him food.
  25. I have given him food every day this week.
  26. He has been gone for three days.                                                        GO
  27. He went there yesterday.
  28. .He is going there now.
  29. I have given him food.                                                                       HAVE
  30. I had given him food the day before.
  31. I have known about the exam for three days.                                   KNOW
  32. He is usually laying down at 2:00 pm.                                                LAY
  33. I haven’t learned enough irregular verbs.                                          LEARN
  34. I have met him today.                                                                          MEET
  35. The bell is ringing now.                                                                         RING
  36. I have often run to class.                                                                      RUN
  37. I can see a dog.                                                                                      SEE
  38. Shut the door.                                                                                        SHUT
  39. My classmates and I have often sung songs at the KTV.                     SING
  40. My classmates and I are often singing songs at the KTV.
  41. Don’t talk to me.                                                                                   SPEAK
  42. We took a break at 3:30 pm.                                                               TAKE
  43. The teacher taught us well.                                                                  TEACH
  44. The book’s page has been torn.                                                           TEAR
  45. I told him that I would be late.                                                           TELL
  46. I have often thought about the test.                                                  THINK
  47. He has worn the same clothes every day this week.                        WEAR
  48. I have written the letter over and over again.                                   Write

Teachers Needed

 NOTE: The following was provided by Mr. Pan, who is working hard to bring education opportunities to remote areas of Guizhou Province. I have discussed his project with him several times and wish him success.  ….  Also, I have listed this post under categories of  Education, Do-Gooders, and Jack, which I believe to be appropriate. . .  Jack


YY English Learning Center offers English language services to children and youth in remote areas in Guizhou Province, China.  Our mission is to bring equal opportunity of education and exposure to children and youth of remote regions in Guizhou Province.  YY works together with local schools to bring quality English language instructions to children of minority ethnic origins, and to children that are “left behind” by parents who find jobs in coastal areas in search of a better life.  More than 80% of our student population are ethnic minorities, and more than 70% of our student population are “left-behind” children.
YY English Learning Center currently operates in Luodian County, Duyun District. We are also in the process of expanding to other regions including Weining, Pu’an, Shuicheng, and Libo. We are providing supplemental English classes focusing on listening and speaking.  In Luodian, we have enrolled more than 400 primary school children ages from 6 to 12, and close to 100 middle school children ages from 12 to 15. The numbers are still growing!  
Our classes are structured to bring out the best of Chinese style classroom teaching, native speaker classroom teaching, and native speaker on-line teaching.  While the Chinese teacher provides the basic structure and drilling of the English language, the on-line teacher provides the authenticity and accuracy for the class.  The native speaker brings in the dynamic effects of the language learning process and a level of connectedness.  Our approach has proven to be effective.
We are in dire need of native speakers that can do on-line teaching through Skype Monday through Friday afternoons.  Classes are 40 minutes each with some 20 students, focusing on elementary listening and speaking.  The class schedule for each day is 4:40 – 5:20, 5:30 – 6:10, 7:30 – 8:10, and 8:20 – 9:00. YY can compensate teachers up to RMB120 (USD20) per class. The classes are assisted by an assistant teacher for the best results.
We are also looking for guest native speakers on weekends to visit Loudian, a beautiful place in the Southern part of Guizhou.  We will provide transportation, accommodations, and stipends for speakers.  And we can arrange sight-seeing and family visits if requested.
If you are interested, please contact Mr. Lili Pan at +86-189-7496-7777, or email him at  

Tea Party at Wenchang Ge

Hua Jie had a tea party at Wencang Ge, the ancient fortress guarding the East gate of the City. There were many people in traditional dress and a fine time was had by all.