Guizhou International Wine Festival

The 2015 Wine Festival is starting Wednesday September 9, 2015. For details about this important festival, visit the following links showing last year’s activities:


Wine Fest Snapshots – The Flavor of the Festival

Alco-Tourism. These are some of my favorite shots from the wine festival.  They capture the flavor of the event.

Guizhou tourism map, categorized list of places to see

List of places to see in Guizhou:

Guiyang: Leisure and Holiday Tour

Guiyang Qianling Mountain, Yangming Shrine. Jiaxiu Tower and Stone Culture Art Palace-Tianhe Pond in Huaxi, Ancient Toxvn of Qingyan and Zhenshancun Buyei Village-BaihLia Lake-Kaiyang Nanjiang Canyon Park-Xiuwen Yangming Cave. Liuguang River and Golf Holiday Centered Maple Lake

Western Route: Exploration Tour of Karst Marvels and Tunpu Culture

Red Maple Lake in Guiyang-Tianlong, Jiuxi, Benzhai and Old Town of Yunshan-Zhijin Cave-Dragon Palace-Huangguoshu and Tianxing Bridge-Guanling Fossil Groups National Geopark and Huajiang Grand Canyon-Zhenfeng Sancha River and Buyei folklore-Zhaodi Causeway and the tomb of 18 scholars of the Southern Ming in Anlong-Xingyi Museum of Ethnic Wedding Customs, Maling River Canyon, and Ten-Thousand Peak Forest-Kunming in Yunnan

Eastern Route: Miao & Dong Culture Tour

1. Guiyang-Nanhua Miao Village in Kaili-Shanglangde and Xijiang Miao villages in Leishan County-Shidong in Taijiang-Hot Spring in Jianhe-Old Town of Longli in Jinping-Natural Bridge in Liping, Dong Village of Zhaoxing and Tangan Dong Ecological Museum-Gaozeng Dong Village of Congjiang, and Miao Village of Yisha-Sanbao Dong Village in Rongjiang-terraced fields of YongleGuiyang

Guiyang-Gejia Village in Huangping, Feiyunya and drifting along the Yedong River-Yuntai Mountain of Shibing, drifting along the Shanmu River-Qinglongdong of Zhenyuan, Xiayang and Tiexi-Nine-dragon Cave of Tongren, and Fanjing Mountain-Zhangjiajie in Hunan

Northem Route: Long March Culture and Land of National Liquor Tour

Guiyang-Xifeng Concentration Camp-Wujiang Ferry Crossing-Site of the Zunyi Meeting, Red Army Mountain, and Loushan Pass-Renhuai Na tional Liquor Gate. Monument for Crossing the Chishui River Four Times, and National Liquor Maotai Culture Museum-Xishui Sancha RiverChishui Spinulose Tree Fern Nature Reserve, Swallow Rock, Zhuhai National Forest Park, Shizhang Cave and Four Cave Gully waterfalls, Bingan and Old Town of Datong-Luzhou in Sichuan

Southern Route: Primitive Ecological Culture Tour

Guiyang-Mt. Doupeng of Duyun-Ancient Miao Papermaking of Shiqiao Village in Danxia-Bangao and Zhelei Shui Villages in Sandu-Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Zone, Seven Arches in Various Sizes, Drifting along Shuichun River and Yao Village-Hechi in Guangxi

Red Tourist ltineraries

1. Guiyang-Xifeng Concentration Camp (Wujiang Scenic Zone)-Site of the Zunyi Meeting (Huagang Martyrs Cemetery)-Site of the Ninth Headquarter of the Red Army in Meitan and the Anti-Japanese Culture of Zhejiang University Moved to West China-Site of the Loushan Pass BattleLesser West Lake Anti-Japanese Culture in Tongzi-Renhuai. Xishui and the Memorial Site of Crossing the Chishui River Four Times.

2. Guiyang-Red Maple Lake-Anshun City (Former Residence of Wang Ruofei, Confucius Temple and historical streets)-Dragon Palace-Huangguoshu-Wanger River Reservoir, Qinglong Anti-Japanese Culture (Guanling Yongning Steel. Shier Bridge and the 24 Bends in Qinglong)-Maling River.

3. Guiyang-Kaili (Wuyang River in Zhenyuan)-Leishan (Bala River and Xijiang Miao Village)-Liping. Congjiang and Rongjiang Dong & Miao Culture Tourism Zone (Old Town of Longli in Jinping, and Sanmentang of Tianzhu)-Miao & Dong Ethnic Culture Tourism Zone in Jianhe and Taijiang

4. Guiyang-Duyun-DushanLibo ( Former Residence of Deng Enming, Shuipu Village, and Banzhai where the Seventh Red Army Joined Forces with Other Armies)-Pingtang (Jinpen Landscape in Shuicheng County, Geological Marvels in Zhangbu, rural tours, and Jiacha Leisure and Holiday Zone)-Sandu which links with Liujiang, Liping, Congjiang and Rongjiang Dong Culture Tourism Zone.

Guizhou tourist map

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Guizhou Festivals and Special Events

March – Miao Flower Festival
April – Dujuan Flower Festival
May – Anshun Batik Art Festival
June – Taijang Dragon Boat Festival
July – Bouyei Chabai Musical Festival
August – Tongren Miao Culture Festival
October – Zunyi Liquor Exposition
November – Kaili Lusheng Musical Festival
December – Caohai Bird-watching Day

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typical tour itinerary of minority areas / scenic areas in Guizhou & Guangxi

Beijing- Guiyang – Kaili – Rongjiang – Zhaoxing – Sanjiang – Longsheng – Guilin – Shanghai

price:  2-5 persons: US$ 2604 per person


Tour Overview

Day Destination Highlights
01 Arrival Beijing Be transfer to hotel
02 Beijing Tian’anmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven
03 Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall, Summer Palace
04 Beijing – Guiyang Hutong Tour by rickshaw, Fly to Guiyang
05 Guiyang – Kaili Coach to Kaili, Kaili Folk Museum, Matang Ge Village
06 Kaili- Rongjiang Coach to Rongjiang, Langde Miao Village, Chejiang Drum Tower
07 Rongjiang – Zhaoxing Basha Miao Village, Zhaoxing Dong Village, Coach to Zhaoxing
08 Zhaoxing – Sanjiang Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Sanjiang Drum Tower
09 Sanjiang – Longsheng Coach to Longsheng, Longji Rice Terraces, Ping’an Zhuang Village
10 Longsheng – Guilin Coach to Guilin, Be transferred to the hotel
11 Guilin – Yangshuo – Guilin Li River Cruise, Coach to Guilin
12 Guilin – Shanghai Flight to Shanghai, Be transferred to the hotel
13 Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, Yuyuan Garden, Oriental TV Tower, The Bund
14 Departure Shanghai Be transferred to the airport