Soccer — A Guizhou Issue ?

I have friends that are very into soccer. They play and even talk about coaching kids. The article below came as kind of a lightening bolt. How many out there think this is a good idea for Guizhou People? Perhaps there is funding to help coach the kids coming up. Please let me know at: .


Bloomberg, on China Soccer <VPN Required- see text below>

Bloomberg•October 16, 2016 []
China’s Soccer Goal
Gianni Infantino, FIFA’s new president, has ambitious plans. They are, however, easy to execute and may help further the goals of some of the soccer body’s major sponsors.
Planned total of teams in World Cup: 48
For a start, Infantino is pledging to invest $4 billion to increase the number of football participants to 60 percent of the world’s population, from the current 45 percent. Guess what: He doesn’t have to spend the money. More Chinese kicking a ball around could get him to his target in one move.
Coincidentally, that would fit well with the strategy of Wang Jianlin, China’s second-richest man, whose Dalian Wanda Group in March became the first major sponsor of FIFA since a criminal corruption scandal overwhelmed

soccer2the organization and led to the ouster of longtime president Joseph “Sepp” Blatter. Jack Ma, the nation’s richest man, followed suit in courting the federation.
When he announced his cash injection into the soccer authority, Wang said that having multiple sponsors “will help China bid to host the World Cup.”
That remains to be seen, but another of the aims Infantino laid out on Friday may at least help the world’s most populous nation return to the World Cup, in which it participated just once, without winning any games. The new president plans to increase the number of teams in the event to 48 from the current 32.
Ranked 78 by FIFA, China still has to work on its national team to reach the World Cup, even with the greater number of participants. But from a statistical perspective, a 50 percent increase in the number of available seats increases the odds that the nation makes it.
That’s just what Xi Jinping needed. The avowed soccer fan has declared football a national priority and harbors an ambition to see the country host and win the World Cup. Naturally, it makes sense for people in the private sector to help him get there.
The China team’s recent losses to Syria (really) and Uzbekistan indicate that the only way is up. As FIFA continues to grapple with the fallout from the corruption scandal, it needs supporters with deep pockets such as those in China. This is the start of a long friendship.
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Italian Restauant – FoodArt


Simone Giacomozzi came to Guiyang almost four years ago and opened his first restaurant in China. He is 37 and worked as a chef in  kitchens all over Italy. He brings world class Italian Cuisine to Guiyang.

His place is called FoodArt and is located beside the Starbucks and McDonalds at Zhilingan. That is at the intersection of Yanan Lu and Ruijin Lu.(southwest corner, just below the pedestrian overpass that crosses Yanan Lu. It’s two blocks west of the fountain (Pensuichi). The current subway construction has made a mess of the neighborhood, but will soon make access very convenient. It is located in the building beside Starbucks, in the lower level, very near McDonalds.

Simone has a Foodart group on Wechat, and information about all food, and special dishes at FoodArt are listed.


Massage Therapy

I have had low back trouble for many years, kind of a misaligned disk, which is usually livable, but acts up periodically. I went to a local massage a couple days ago and got a pretty good half hour massage that helped. It wasn’t enough. So today I went to the massage hospital, populated by blind doctors.

China has a policy of training many of the blind in medical massage so they can find work. They know where the trouble is by touch. Today I got a nice lady named Su Ye. She was absolutely tiny, but what a grip. When I walked into the massage room there was a woman working on a woman that was laying down. She was pushing her around pretty good. I laid face down on the next bed and Dr. Su began work. She was talking to the other doctor and I was getting one hell of a massage. Both ladies were joking and I realized that I had more than two hands on me. I looked up and both doctors were massaging my legs and were joking about how strong (maybe how fat) I was. The lady that had been getting the prior massage was standing there watching me and saw me smile with I looked up and saw the second doctor. Everybody laughed.

Anyway, I was amazed at the power that little Doctor Su has in her hands and elbows. She took care of the back, and the arthritic left wrist and I walked out of there feeling like I had been in a hell of a fight. Anyway, my back and wrist both feel really good now. If you have muscle pain or an injury, these people really seem to know what they are doing. I’ve been there several times and have never been disappointed. Some are better than others, and Doctor Su is exceptional. She told me that it is very difficult to massage a person so big that doesn’t speak the language well.

This place is located across from the Hunter Plaza at Dongmen. It’s just below the Rooftop Cafe (see: )  It’s on that little hill across from the City Mall (Zhiryue Jie). It is on the 4th floor and looks like a hospital from start to finish. No tea is served. The cost for the massage seems to vary from 60 to 68 RMB for a little less than an hour (about $10 USD).


2016 Hiking in China • Southwest Guizhou

The Southwest Guizhou Xingyi Wanfenglin International Walking Hikng Event has begun recruiting of participants and guests. Local foreigners in Guiyang are in high demand and are invited to participate in the event as guests.

Xingyi is beautiful in the autumn, and this is the third annual hiking expedition. The
Xingyi Wanfeng Lin is a famous made famous by geographer and traveler Xu Xiake during the Ming Dynasty. His poem referenced “Scenic areas within the mountains, pastoral landscapes, rivers, villages, caves, all intertwined, and beautiful.

The event is scheduled for November 4th to 6th and is expected to have five to six hundred participants.  The cost is 800 yuan per person and foreign guests are free to participate at no charge. The registration office is located in Qian Shan Hotel, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. Tel: 0859-3116669 . Foreigners should call Robin at 15597701004.

The Introduction of Hospitals in Guiyang

By: Doctor Lisa Xu of Guiyang

As I read the story about Ray with TB during his staying at Guiyang, I think it will maybe useful for the foreigners living in Guiyang to introduce some information on hospitals in Guiyang in English. Let us see the description as the below:

The Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University (贵医附院、贵医,in Chinese characters; Guiyi fu yuan or Gui Yi in Mandarin pinyin), is the best grade III-A general hospitals in Guizhou province, which is located at the Beijing Road with the detail address as No. 28 Guiyi Street in Yunyan district of Guiyang. The hospital consists of 52 clinical departments, including the emergency department, the internal medicine department, the neurological department, the general surgery department, the Department of Stomatology (the dentists), the comprehensive intensive care unit and so on. There has been average1,740,000 outpatients per year around in the hospital, and discharged 68,000 patients per year. With the development, the hospital hold some advanced examining instruments such as CT, 3.0T MRI, PET. It is recently that the authority of the hospital built the system for making an appointment in advance with doctors online, which can be available on the following website

On the homepage, if you need make an appointment with doctors, you could see several button below the the name of the hospital, then dub the button as “就医导诊”(jiu yi dao zhen in Pinyin), clicking the downward menu at the button as “预约挂号”(yu yue gua hao in Pinyin), then the appointment system is presented in front of you. One could use the system to make an appointment with the doctor who you need. If you don’t make the appointment with doctors, you could go to the outpatient department directly and ask the guiding nurses for helping. If there is something happening suddenly for first-aid, one could call the number “96999” to get a hand from the emergency department of the hospital.
The Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital(贵州省人民医院、省医in Chinese characters; Guizhou sheng ren min yi yuan or Sheng Yi in Pinyin ) is another grade III-A general hospital in Guiyang. This hospital locates at No.83 Zhongshan dong lu. If the first-aid will be needed around here, one could call the number as “0851-85922979”. The website for the hospital is

If one live aroud Dusi Road (Dusi lu), he could find the No.1 People’s Hospital of Guiyang, which is one of the grade III-A general hospitals in Guiyang. The hospital also is the First-aid Center of Guiyang city with the first-aid call number as “120”. If one catches the TB (tuberculosis) unfortunately, he could get helping for diagnosis and treatment in the specialism hospital, named as Guiyang Fei Ke Yi Yuan (specialism for lung diseases, such as tuberculosis, specialism infection of lung). The hospital’s addresse is No.128 Northern Huaxi Avenue(Huaxi dadao beiduan), Nanming District, Guiyang. The No.5 People Hospital is specially for contagion or communicable disease, such as HIV infection, HBV or HCV infection and so on. There is also a special hospital for women and children, named as Guiyang Fuyou Baojian Yi Yuan (Women and children health care hospital in Guiyang), and located at No.63 Ruijin Nan lu, Nanming District.

The above is the simplest introduction about the well-known hospitals in Guiyang. Hope useful for the foreigners living in Guiyang. When you unfortunately get sick, maybe you could get helping from these hospitals before you have to return to your home countries.

Visitors are encouraged to provide additional health care information as comments in this site.

English Corners

It is Saturday afternoon on October 8, 2016 and I am at the Guizhou Provincial Library. We have English corner (Yingyujiao) here every Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30. It is located on the 4th floor of the Beijing Lu library, foreign language reading room. It is across the street from the Guizhou Park Hotel.

Other English corners that I visit are Monday Evening at the CShop on Mingsheng Lu (7:30pm)  and at the Rooftop Cafe on Tuesday evening (7:30pm) see .

Another  English corner are on Tuesday night in Dayingpo at the Zhongda Shopping Mall. It is at Baker’s Pizza or Starbucks Coffee. The formal address is Zhonda Shopping Mall Building A2 on the fifth floor.

I want to add more locations for English Corners, so please write me at if you know about others.