Guizhou tourism map, categorized list of places to see

List of places to see in Guizhou:

Guiyang: Leisure and Holiday Tour

Guiyang Qianling Mountain, Yangming Shrine. Jiaxiu Tower and Stone Culture Art Palace-Tianhe Pond in Huaxi, Ancient Toxvn of Qingyan and Zhenshancun Buyei Village-BaihLia Lake-Kaiyang Nanjiang Canyon Park-Xiuwen Yangming Cave. Liuguang River and Golf Holiday Centered Maple Lake

Western Route: Exploration Tour of Karst Marvels and Tunpu Culture

Red Maple Lake in Guiyang-Tianlong, Jiuxi, Benzhai and Old Town of Yunshan-Zhijin Cave-Dragon Palace-Huangguoshu and Tianxing Bridge-Guanling Fossil Groups National Geopark and Huajiang Grand Canyon-Zhenfeng Sancha River and Buyei folklore-Zhaodi Causeway and the tomb of 18 scholars of the Southern Ming in Anlong-Xingyi Museum of Ethnic Wedding Customs, Maling River Canyon, and Ten-Thousand Peak Forest-Kunming in Yunnan

Eastern Route: Miao & Dong Culture Tour

1. Guiyang-Nanhua Miao Village in Kaili-Shanglangde and Xijiang Miao villages in Leishan County-Shidong in Taijiang-Hot Spring in Jianhe-Old Town of Longli in Jinping-Natural Bridge in Liping, Dong Village of Zhaoxing and Tangan Dong Ecological Museum-Gaozeng Dong Village of Congjiang, and Miao Village of Yisha-Sanbao Dong Village in Rongjiang-terraced fields of YongleGuiyang

Guiyang-Gejia Village in Huangping, Feiyunya and drifting along the Yedong River-Yuntai Mountain of Shibing, drifting along the Shanmu River-Qinglongdong of Zhenyuan, Xiayang and Tiexi-Nine-dragon Cave of Tongren, and Fanjing Mountain-Zhangjiajie in Hunan

Northem Route: Long March Culture and Land of National Liquor Tour

Guiyang-Xifeng Concentration Camp-Wujiang Ferry Crossing-Site of the Zunyi Meeting, Red Army Mountain, and Loushan Pass-Renhuai Na tional Liquor Gate. Monument for Crossing the Chishui River Four Times, and National Liquor Maotai Culture Museum-Xishui Sancha RiverChishui Spinulose Tree Fern Nature Reserve, Swallow Rock, Zhuhai National Forest Park, Shizhang Cave and Four Cave Gully waterfalls, Bingan and Old Town of Datong-Luzhou in Sichuan

Southern Route: Primitive Ecological Culture Tour

Guiyang-Mt. Doupeng of Duyun-Ancient Miao Papermaking of Shiqiao Village in Danxia-Bangao and Zhelei Shui Villages in Sandu-Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Zone, Seven Arches in Various Sizes, Drifting along Shuichun River and Yao Village-Hechi in Guangxi

Red Tourist ltineraries

1. Guiyang-Xifeng Concentration Camp (Wujiang Scenic Zone)-Site of the Zunyi Meeting (Huagang Martyrs Cemetery)-Site of the Ninth Headquarter of the Red Army in Meitan and the Anti-Japanese Culture of Zhejiang University Moved to West China-Site of the Loushan Pass BattleLesser West Lake Anti-Japanese Culture in Tongzi-Renhuai. Xishui and the Memorial Site of Crossing the Chishui River Four Times.

2. Guiyang-Red Maple Lake-Anshun City (Former Residence of Wang Ruofei, Confucius Temple and historical streets)-Dragon Palace-Huangguoshu-Wanger River Reservoir, Qinglong Anti-Japanese Culture (Guanling Yongning Steel. Shier Bridge and the 24 Bends in Qinglong)-Maling River.

3. Guiyang-Kaili (Wuyang River in Zhenyuan)-Leishan (Bala River and Xijiang Miao Village)-Liping. Congjiang and Rongjiang Dong & Miao Culture Tourism Zone (Old Town of Longli in Jinping, and Sanmentang of Tianzhu)-Miao & Dong Ethnic Culture Tourism Zone in Jianhe and Taijiang

4. Guiyang-Duyun-DushanLibo ( Former Residence of Deng Enming, Shuipu Village, and Banzhai where the Seventh Red Army Joined Forces with Other Armies)-Pingtang (Jinpen Landscape in Shuicheng County, Geological Marvels in Zhangbu, rural tours, and Jiacha Leisure and Holiday Zone)-Sandu which links with Liujiang, Liping, Congjiang and Rongjiang Dong Culture Tourism Zone.

Senior citizens in Guiyang’s Qianling Park singing/dancing to “Red songs” popular when they were young.








Qianling Park,Guiyang,dancing & singing old songs, 大家乐乐团 (歌舞合唱团), Nov 2013 -l, uploaded at: 

Senior citizens singing/dancing to “Red songs” popular when they were young. Every Saturday & Sunday 9:00-11:00 am at Guiyang’s Qianling Park, just to the left and up a few stairs near the park entrance. Info (in Chinese): 151 8514 8156, Mr Liu Dezhen 刘德珍

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Guizhou University – Office of International Relations – enjoying Guiyang

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Food in Guiyang mainly constitutes Qian cuisine and local snacks.
Qian (Guizhou) Cuisine tastes numb and spicy, which are two indispensable elements in Guiyang food. Numb refers to the condiment made from several spices and the spicy is mainly refined from the red pepper.

Recommended Local Dishes & Snacks
l Suan Tang Yu(sour soup fish)
Originated from Miao region, this dish has become a typical in Guiyang. You can have the dish at Kaili Sour Sour Fish Restaurant, No. 55, Shengfu Lu, Guiyang

l Si Wa Wa (vegetable strips wrapped in thin pancake)
The cheapest snack in Guiyang. Actually it is a thin pancake made of flour and stuffed with various vegetable strips such as the carrot, radish, celery and others.

l Chang Wang Mian (noodle soup)
The most popular snack in Guiyang. The name of Chang Wang implies pig gut like intestine and solidified blood. With a long history of more than 100 years, Chang Wang Mian has been highly-praised by the people of Guiyang.

l Doufu Guo (beancurd barbecued)
Another famous Guiyang snack. Beancurd blocks cooked on a piece of special-made metal on fire. The finished bean curd tastes excellent!

You can also give it a try to street stands that can be seen everywhere. You may by surprised by their local features.

Besides what mentioned above, foreign flavor like KFC, Pizza-Hut, Papa John’s as well as some Japanese and Korean restaurants are also available at downtown Guiyang.

Fun in Guiyang

Club, Bar & Cafe

Address: F2, Sheng’an Hotel, Zhongshan Dong Lu
Cost estimation: CNY100/person

9 Ku Music Bar
Address: Cishan Xiang (Lane), Fushui Bei Lu
Cost estimation: CNY100/person

Lvdao (GreenIsland) Bar
Address: Yan’an Dong Lu
Cost estimation: CNY200/person

Shangri-La Bar
Address: Hequn Lu

Master Morgan
Address: No.178, Hequn Lu
Zuo Ri Chong Xian
Address: on Shaanxi Lu, Guiyang

UBC Coffee
Address: No. 155, Ruijin Bei Lu, Guiyang

Victoria Coffee
Address: Xi Hu Lu

Theater & Cinema
Guiyang Grand Theater
Address: No.2, Shi Nan Lu

Renmin Theater
Address: No.79, Zhonghua Zhong Lu

Ginza Cinema (Yin Zuo Ying Cheng)
Address: Xiao Shi Zi

Shi Ji Xing Guang Cinema
Address: Xiao Shi Zi (opposite of Ginza Cinema)

Tour in Guiyang

· Jiaxiu Pavilion: A landmark and symbol of Guiyang, it is situated on Fuyu Bridge over the Nanming River. Originally built during the Ming dynasty in 1598, the tower is not only magnificent and unique but also of great cultural significance in Guiyang. It was built to encourage the scholars studying for the honorable imperial examination. The tower is a three-storey building rising 20 meters (66 feet) high. It is an elaborate combination of green tiles, red pillars, engraved windows and white stone parapets. It is even more beautiful at night as it lights up with lanterns. Most visitors come to see the exhibitions of the calligraphy pieces, woodcrafts and stone tablets inscribed with poems.
Entrance fee:20 RMB around
Opening Hours:8:10 – 21:30
Bus routes:4, 15, 52, 62 …

· Qianling park(黔灵公园) :Large of 426 hectares, the park is very easily accessible from downtown and is made up of forest-covered mountains, Qianling lake, the majestic Hongfu temple (Zen Buddhist temple), Kylin Cave, etc. It is also famous for its large population of macaques (more than 500 individuals) which roam about the park.
Entrance fee:5RMB
Opening Hours:6:10 – 22:00
Bus routes:1, 2, 10, 12, 13, 16, 23, 25, 46, 51, 53

· Wenchang Pavilion(文昌阁): It and the old city walls around it have been beautifully refurbished and the pavilion now houses a very popular local teahouse.

· Guizhou Museum: It covers local history and customs with some 30,000 cultural relics and more than 10,000 animal and plant samples. It is presently being renovated to better accommodate the large collection.
Entrance fee:0CNY to be verified
Opening Hours:To be verified
Bus routes:20, 22, 72

· Walk along the Nanming River: The riverside is paved and is lined with trees and plants and a walk along it, is a simple yet relaxing way to discover Guiyang. Some of the most interesting views are around the Jiaxiu Pavilion.

Hongfeng Lake (Red Maple Lake)
On the border of Qingzhen and Pingba Counties, Hongfeng Lake is a state-class scenic spot. Scattered throughout the lake are 178 islands. Hongfeng Lake is divided into four parts with different characteristics, including the North, the South, the Middle and the Rear Lake. North Lake is known for a lot of gorgeous islands; the South is famous for many unique caves; the Middle is characterized by its wide glittering water; the Rear boasts many elegant bays.

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