Just a little Earthquake Covid update 20200609

This is photo is a recent picture of the New Zealand Primer Minister. New Zealand has been very unkind to the Covid-19 Virus. By explaining the risk and options to her countrymen she was able to enforce a lock-down that effectively destroyed all “safe havens” for the Covid-19 Virus in New Zealand. She was on TV talking about the Virus when an earthquake hit. She looked up and smiled as if to say “only a little earthquake”. There are times when I wish she was on our team in the USA.

In China, schools are beginning to open. China is another interesting situation, which seemed to be in denial during the first month of the infection, but once the decision was made to commit to a state of war with the Virus, there was a total “patriotic” commitment to “Fight the Virus”. We were all quarantined in a vigorously enforced quarantine, with neighborhood associations looking after all the residences. There were roadblocks and checkpoints all over Guiyang (where I am) and movement between cities was prohibited. The hard lock down was sustained for about six weeks and then a gradual easing of restrictions. On June 9, schools are opening slowly as government officials inspect the schools to make sure everybody is ready and knows their responsibility under the new system. We have been eating in restaurants for two months, masks are mostly worn on public transport, but for the most part aren’t required.  Severe traffic jams have returned as cars are back on the road and road construction routinely blocks lanes.