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John S. Porter (Jack)

Our Mission
This platform, the Tour Guizhou system of web blogs, is intended to create space online for what we love, building community. Chinese of Guizhou and their foreign friends, like sports, art, music, food, education, beautiful places, technology, business, or even beer. Its a place where English speaking people create a fusion of Chinese and Western Culture. It creates a community that is both Asian and Western, promoting understanding, business, and ultimately world peace.



I told a friend that Guizhou was the heart and soul of China. Where did I learn this? I remember telling  a city person that I lived in Guizhou and he said that this is still the real China. In fact Guizhou is isolated by mountains from the changes taking place throughout China. The old cultures and the Old China are still present in Guizhou.

I wonder how he’ll get around when he is 15.

I want to inform the Western People about Guizhou and the beauty of Guizhou. The real life, the real ideas of the Guizhou People, to see online what I see every day. It is unfortunate that more people don’t speak and read Chinese. They don’t know about China and it’s culture.

When I started the website it was because I was writing the same email to many different people. I thought that  this website could save me a lot of time writing emails. My friends could just look at the website to get my information.

There is a comfort in focusing your brain on things that you love. This has been helping kids learn English and building the online story of Guizhou. The old life of cutting edge technology and building community has never been buried deep in my memory. The high speed rail (Gaotia), BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), the #2 Ring Road with a bus dedicated lane, and the Big Data Valley initiative all form an opportunity that cannot be ignored. The densely populated Guiyang is ripe for another comprehensive ground transportation breakthrough. Automated Vehicles (AV) are gathering strength worldwide and Guiyang seems ready. We shall see.


USAInfo, LLC is the owner of this web site and is also proposing an advanced Automated Vehicle (AV) system for Guiyang. As the owner of USAInfo, LLC, John S. Porter brings the experience of having created the BATA bus service (Bay Area Transportation Authority) in his home town of Traverse City, Michigan.  He was an elected Township Supervisor in that community.

He was also President of Levitation Research Team, Corp from 1989 to 1994 which was active in promoting Magnetic Levitation Train Technology in the USA. The firm later sold robotics and motion control technology. Porter was a database programmer, including imaging technology in the 90s and is a Certified General Appraiser in the State of Michigan. He combines his experience with motion control, mass transit, real estate, and political experience to form his vision for Autonomous Vehicles in Guiyang. Information about Automated Vehicles can be found here: The Guiyang Automated Vehicle Project