Horse and Foot on the Same Day

It is not often that I get horse meat and and a foot on the same day.. In fact a couple days ago was  the first time I have eaten horse meat, and I’ve been coming to Guizhou for nineteen years.  Served with a lot of spice, it was tender and quite tasty. The chicken foot, also shown, is a staple of Guizhou cooking.  Of course it all is served with a lot of purple and red peppers. The meal with the horse on the table also included duck, chicken, and pork.

The horse meat is nearest on the plate. Also shown is duck, chicken, pork, tomatoes, and rice.

For those who favor free range chickens, you would love Guizhou.  Chickens that run around free have callouses on  their feet which are much tastier, with more meat, than the bony feet of caged chickens.

The chicken foot is on the bottom. It wasn’t as big as it looks. It is in a small bowl.