Jiang’s Blood and Guts Noodles

My friend Jenny just opened a popular restaurant on a popular corner in Guiyang. The coagulated pig blood is a delicacy in Guiyang, as are the intestines of the pig. These are combined with noodles and broth to make a very popular noodle soup. Jiang is a famous name and a popular bowl of noodles known in Guiyang.  This is a franchise situation. I think Jenny has a winner.



I’d been in the USA for a day and almost got hit be a car.  Traffic doesn’t expect someone to walk out next to an active lane. I forgot that the behavior of drivers in the USA is very different.


I have also been riding my bicycle in the USA. It is so easy to forget how the traffic works.  In Guiyang, you pick a lane and a direction, and that is your path. Others don’t simply cut you off. It is very different on the streets in Traverse City.  To begin with, people don’t seem to look for bicycles and pedestrians. They are mostly aware of the other cars.  I was almost run off the road by a woman who was pulling into a parking space. I was on her right in the bicycle lane. I yelled “Hey Man” in the passenger window, which was fortunately open. She immediately pulled away. She didn’t even know I was there. The “Hey Man” must have sounded like I was in the seat beside her.

I was trying to cross the street near a complex traffic light and I literally had to get off the bike and walk. People don’t seem to give you credit for having an equal right to the road. Well, right now, I feel more danger on US streets to my bicycle than China. Guess I am just used to different traffic rules.

The Eagle Has Landed

I just dropped down into Traverse City at midnight on the 16th. I will stay here about a month and return to Shanghai on August 19th. Maybe it is time for a party. I plan to stay at Mingtown on the 19th and 20th of August. Friends and readers of the blog might consider renting rooms there as well. We could catch up.

Mingtown is a Good Shanghai Crash Pad

I am staying at the Mingtown Etour Youth Hostel.  It is great. It is very old, very close to People’s Square, and is beautiful inside.  If you are a member of IHA, you can stay for 200 rmb per night. Contact 02-63277766 or mingtown@foxmail.com .


Ray’s TB Status

I just confirmed with Ray that he has a one month visa, after confirming several housekeeping items with the Chinese Government Doctors and Immigration officials.  He can live in his own apartment and will be checked next month for changes in his medical condition, at which time he should be elgible for another visa.  It is hoped and expected that he will be able to work in a teaching position within a couple months.

Tuberculosis in China

Ray Mahoney, a friend of mine, was recently diagnosed with TB.  His story can be seen online TB In China and

at http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTI4NDE4NjU5Mg==.html?from=y1.7-2   and

https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7q3ujwp7efzgip/TB_In_China.flv?dl=0 . Ray has about 20 years of experience as a foreigner in China, and I have about eight or ten. We have learned a lot that we didn’t know about what happens when medical attention is needed. We have learned about deportation when an infectious disease is present, and the quarantine policies. This video highlights the issues, and as I write, the issues for Ray remain unresolved.