Bekaduo Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is more than just a coffee shop. This coffee company sells coffee machines, coffee beans, and has a good ambiance for just sitting and talking.

This location is near Pantaogong, NE from the intersection of Dusi Lu and Baoshan Beilu. Walk down the hill to the east from the intersection to the bottom and turn left (N)..

The sign is at the entrance to the shop, telling it's history.

The sign is at the entrance to the shop, telling it’s history.



Bekaduo Coffee Shop is dedicated to promoting the coffee culture in all it’s forms. In addition to selling coffee, they have cheesecake, wild fruit syrups, as well as pizza.


This is a service area where people can watch the process.

This is a service area where people can watch the process.


The facility is designed as a coffee training area. Mr. Yin trains coffee shop owners in how to get in business and do a good job. Bekaduo delivers coffee to locations all over Guizhou Province as well as other cities outside of Guizhou.

Deng’s 80th Birthday


On the 11th of November the Master Artist, teacher of many Guizhou artists, had his 80th birthday. His students gathered to honor him and thank him.  A special commemorative book of his art production was created by his students for the the Master and the other  participants. Deng Chuanqi was born in Guizhou and mastered the Chinese seal block art, as well as the ancient calligraphy. He was a middle school teacher and inspired many Guizhou artists to excel in all kinds of art. Many of the famous Guizhou artists owe their teacher a debt that cannot be repaid. He did more

than inspire students. After retirement he continued to inspire the Guizhou art community in many ways.

Pictured right:

Birthday Party Announcement November 11, 2016, Deng Chuanqi is 80 years old. The party took place at Guizhou Hotel on Beijing Road.

A fine time was had by all.

Guizhou Photagraphy of Yu Jia Hua

Yu Jia Hua is a nature photographer who has taken beautiful pictures of Guizhou Province. This web site will feature more of his work. Shown here are photos ofthe  Cao Hai Wetlands, the winter home to the Black Necked Crane. This beautiful bird migrates from Russia to Guizhou for winter. (Click on the thumbnail for a big picture)

Yu Jia Hua is a photographer who has taken beautiful pictures of Guizhou Province. This web site will feature more of his work. Shown here are photos of Cao Hai Wetlands, which is the home to the Black Necked Crane, which migrates from Russia to Guizhou for winter, and Hong Feng Lake, a man-made reservoir that provides water to Guiyang  (Click on the thumbnail for a big picture)

Fly Delta — Back to Guiyang

I just returned to Guiyang after a two week visit to the USA. The trip was about 30 hours: Traverse City to Detroit 1 hr, Detroit to Shanghai 13 hours, and Shanghai to Guiyang 3 hours. Together with the layovers and delays, it added up to about 30 hours. I make it a point not to sleep too much before the flight, and the last six or eight hours of this trip went fast because I was asleep.

I watch the air ticket rates, and the rates have come down. This round trip ticket was $750, complete. I was in an overbooked situation last trip and got a $500 credit for the next flight. The entire trip cost a net of $250 after applying the credit. The flight was comfortable and the movies were quite good. The twenty minute taxi ride to my apartment cost about $7 (50 RMB).

I cast my ballot and talked to a lot of people. We talked about the politics in the USA, election process, and so on. It was a privilege to participate. More about that later . . .


Donald Trump’s Granddaughter, a Viral Sensation in China

Trump’s Granddaughter


Above is a photo from a CNN news clip showing Donald Trump’s granddaughter practicing her Chinese poems. It went viral in China. You need a VPN to visit the CNN web page if you are in China, but it has been making the rounds in China on Youku and social media..

My  two-week visit to the USA has been very interesting, and a little frightening. Hillary supporters are in mourning, like when terrorists attacked us on 911. People seem to be determined to get you into an argument. There seems to be a lot of fear over what Trump will do, even from the Trump supporters. These stories about what Trump will do is colored by the campaign, which I wasn’t present for. So I can’t fully understand. I went to bed at midnight on election night and woke up in a different country. Now I understand what Einstein must of felt like when people were saying dumb things around him . . .

Art of De Deng — Chan Yi Qi Xi

De Deng is not just an artist. He is a monk. He studies Budha, philosophy of all religions, aesthetics, Chinese Caligraphy, modern art, traditional Chinese painting, and “action art”. Before he became a monk he spent a year and a half helping clean the polluted environment in the Dian Lake, of Yunnan Province. He has tried to educate people about taking care of the earth. I was happy to visit his art exhibition at the 219 Gallery. His current art is abstract style and was displayed on October 18 to 22 at the 219 Gallery on Baoshan Beilu, in the He House Hotel (Heshe Jiudian).





There are too many paintings to show here, but photos of the event are below:

Deng Chuan Qi shown below attended the exhibition of his former student. When Deng was younger, he was a Guiyang art teacher. He inspired a lot of students to become artists, including De Deng. Many of the Guiyang artists of today were students of Deng in middle school. They met their old teacher at the exhibition.  Also shown is Diana, our interpreter, one of students on the island who studies calligraphy, and a cat, who really seemed to appreciate the event.

After the event I was invited to the artist’s home and studio. He has two students living in his compound, which is on an island. Ironically, the island has no water around it right now because recent construction has resulted in the river being drained. De Deng is an environmentalist and his island retreat is no longer an island.


Babies and Baby Bags of Guiyang

It is very common in China for grandmothers to take care of grandchildren, as the sons and daughters work. It isn’t uncommon for two working adults to support four grandparents, themselves, and a child. Grandparents are critical in the upbringing of the children.

Guiyang has a cool fashion for carrying babies . . . wawabao “baby bag”. The minority people of Guizhou create elaborate embroidery for the baby bags. It is common for the children to ride out in the open on the back or chest of a grandparent.

I have a friend that emigrated to Canada from Guiyang.  When he had his first child I delivered a baby bag to him. He almost cried from homesickness.