I am back in Guiyang and ready for another year of teaching at Guizhou Normal University.  It was a wonderful summer vacation.  I spent the whole time in Northern Michigan, in Traverse City, my home town.

I was a farmer for a little while, harvesting cherries on a friend’s farm.  I was up at 5am and in the fields by 7am.  Cherries aren’t picked anymore.  We mechanically shake the trees and collect the cherries on a big mechanical tarp, called a “catching frame”.  It then feeds into a mechanical conveyor belt and delivers the cherries into large 42 inch cubed boxes.  The boxes, when full, must weight about a ton.  I drove a tractor and delivered full boxes to the storage area and returned to the field with a new box. It was a great time.

The rest of the time I spent doing BBQs, golfing, and playing racketball.  I also hung around the health club, even lifting weights from time to time. I came back through Shanghai and saw some old friends there.Altogether, it was a wonderful seven weeks.

Flying back to Guiyang was a pain.  The bags were overweight and I had to mail some items back to Guiyang to minimize the expense.  My limited Chinese was taxed heavily, dealing with the post office.  Well, I got the package today, and all is well.

training programs for rural English teachers in Guizhou – interview with Dorothy & Frank Kehl – A Life Connecting China, Aug 2014

Dorothy & Frank Kehl – A Life Connecting China,
Aug 2014 interview on Blue Ocean Network (BON), Beijing.
Topics: Volunteers from Hong Kong, the United States and Canada helping rural Chinese English teachers. Also, US-China relations since the 1970s.

Dorothy Kehl is an ESL teacher who retired from Brooklyn College. Frank Kehl is an anthropologist who retired from Baruch College, CUNY. Both have been active in promoting US-China educational exchanges, in recent years in summer educational programs in Guizhou, Shanxi and elsewhere.

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Frank Kehl can be contacted at:  <>; Dorothy Kehl at:  <>;

“Happy” in Guiyang (Pharrell Williams song, from “Despicable Me 2”)

‘Happy’ in Guiyang 贵阳 -Hualin 贵阳华麟中学 Summer camp at Meijia 贵阳美加国际学校 Guiyang American-Canadian International School

“Happy” in Guiyang uploaded at “”

Happy” is a 2013 song by American singer and producer Pharrell Williams from Despicable Me 2 .  The original video spawned many cover videos on YouTube in which people from different cities throughout the world dance to the song. Those videos are usually called “Pharrell Williams – Happy – We Are from [name of the city]”.  As of May 2014, more than 1,500 videos had been created.  From Wikipedia,

for versions of this song uploaded on Chinese website Youku see:

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