Update on Teachers Needed post

Mr. LiLi Pan at lilipan@ymail.com is paying teachers $20 per session of Skype instruction. Each session is 40 minutes, with a 10 minute break between sessions. That means that in an hour and a half, a person could earn $40, deposited in his/her bank account in the USA or elsewhere. I’ve taught these sessions and they are charming,

Guizhou is, except for Tibet, the poorest province in China. Mr. Pan’s schools are serving the remote areas of Guizhou. The students really do appreciate having a foreigner to talk to, even if it is via computer. Please contact Mr. Pan if you have the time. Classes run during weekdays from 4:40 AM Eastern Time to 9:00 AM.

See http://www.tourguizhou.net/archives/10217 for more details.