Irregular Verbs, Study Guide

The following irregular verbs are required for the Freshman classes. Here are some examples:

Irregular Verbs Study Guide: Class B/C

  1. Class has always begun at 8:00 am.                                                   BEGIN.
  2. Class is always beginning at 8:00 am.
  3. Class began at 8:00 am.
  4. Don’t break the pencil.                                                                         BREAK
  5. You broke the pencil.
  6. This pencil has been broken by you.
  7. I bought a book yesterday.                                                                  BUY
  8. I can buy a book anywhere.
  9. I like to buy books.
  10. He likes to drink beer.                                                                         DRINK
  11. He is drinking beer every day.
  12. He drank beer yesterday.
  13. He has drunk beer every day this week.
  14. I gave him something to eat.                                                               EAT
  15. He ate yesterday.
  16. He has eaten every day this week.
  17. They fell in love.                                                                                     FALL
  18. They have often fallen in love.
  19. They are falling in love right now.
  20. I have forgotten many names of classmates.                                    FORGET
  21. I forgot your name.
  22. Don’t forget my name.
  23. I gave him food yesterday.                                                                   GIVE
  24. I am always giving him food.
  25. I have given him food every day this week.
  26. He has been gone for three days.                                                        GO
  27. He went there yesterday.
  28. .He is going there now.
  29. I have given him food.                                                                       HAVE
  30. I had given him food the day before.
  31. I have known about the exam for three days.                                   KNOW
  32. He is usually laying down at 2:00 pm.                                                LAY
  33. I haven’t learned enough irregular verbs.                                          LEARN
  34. I have met him today.                                                                          MEET
  35. The bell is ringing now.                                                                         RING
  36. I have often run to class.                                                                      RUN
  37. I can see a dog.                                                                                      SEE
  38. Shut the door.                                                                                        SHUT
  39. My classmates and I have often sung songs at the KTV.                     SING
  40. My classmates and I are often singing songs at the KTV.
  41. Don’t talk to me.                                                                                   SPEAK
  42. We took a break at 3:30 pm.                                                               TAKE
  43. The teacher taught us well.                                                                  TEACH
  44. The book’s page has been torn.                                                           TEAR
  45. I told him that I would be late.                                                           TELL
  46. I have often thought about the test.                                                  THINK
  47. He has worn the same clothes every day this week.                        WEAR
  48. I have written the letter over and over again.                                   Write