Root Art at Shirley’s

Wu Xiao Yon and Jack

Artist Wu Xiao Yon and Jack.

The Shirley Gallery had the opening of a new exhibit, Root Art, on January 12. These are the sculptures of Wu Xiao Yon. They are created from the art of mother nature (and the hand of Artist Wu), that is buried in the dirt, usually unseen. Artist Wu took maximum advantage of nature’s art in his sculptures. Whatever you do, don’t throw that old stump away . . .

Jack is intrigued by the head with the ear ring.

The eagle head in the lower right is part of an eagle sculpture that pictures really don’t do justice. It must be seen in person to be appreciated.

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Shirley Gallery

72 Jian Dao Jie
Guiyang, Guizhou


Gallery Party was a Great Success


Yin Guang Zhong and Jack

Thanks to everybody who came to the Gallery Party Tuesday, the 27th. We raised over 3,000 RMB for the benefit of the Shirley Gallery. There were 20 door prizes good food and lots of beer and wine. Beer and wine was provided courtesy of The Run Ran Wine Company of Jin Yang, Guizhou Lai Yong Chu White Wine Company, and the Monkey King Brewery. Beka Coffee Business Concern donated the coffee and cakes.


Left to Right: Jian Ren Yi, his wife, Shirley, Yin Guang Zhong, An Yi Rong, Liu Hai Bin

Special Guest Artists Yin Guang Zhong, An Yu Rong, Jian Ren Yi, Liu Hai Bin, Gao An Xun  shared their feelings about changes in the art world in Guizhou. Yin Shi Long had his art on display in the gallery and joined in the talk. Food was great, donated by the Yuting Xuan Restaurant of 72 Jian Dao Jie. A fine time was had by all.


Shirley’s Private Gallery of Guiyang

shelly1I first came to Shirley’s gallery on November 26 and met the beautiful proprietor, Shirley (Xiao Li). She had an exhibition of the local artist named Yin Shi Long. His art and sculptures were very impressive, and I found myself having dinner with a variety of artists in her restaurant. Shirley’s story is as interesting as Artist Yin’s work. Shirley has opened a second floor gallery in one of the most entanceexclusive locations in Guiyang, downtown on Jian Dao Jie, beside the river. Shirley is able to support the artists of Guizhou because of her successful clothing business and restaurant. The restaurant is on the first floor and the gallery is directly above.
pillowShe is so successful that she has her own pillows with her face on it. She also has T-Shirts, batteries, silk scarves, postcards and my favorite mouse pad.mousepad

Shirley takes her inspiration from her art teacher, Chen HongQi. He has been an established artist in Guiyang many years, and some of his art is shown below, taken from his recently published book.

The gallery is supporting the artist community of Guizhou, having featured the art of seventeen local artists. These artists are not charged any money for this premier location. Shirley is an art collector and often accepts gifts of art from the artists that she helps.

Shirley urges everyone to buy the art to help maintain the artist community. We discussed the art scene extensively over coffee in her gallery on Tuesday (Dec 6, 2016). Interested patrons of Guizhou Art can write for more information.

Shirley Gallery

72 Jian Dao Jie
Guiyang, Guizhou