Donald Trump’s Granddaughter, a Viral Sensation in China

Trump’s Granddaughter


Above is a photo from a CNN news clip showing Donald Trump’s granddaughter practicing her Chinese poems. It went viral in China. You need a VPN to visit the CNN web page if you are in China, but it has been making the rounds in China on Youku and social media..

My  two-week visit to the USA has been very interesting, and a little frightening. Hillary supporters are in mourning, like when terrorists attacked us on 911. People seem to be determined to get you into an argument. There seems to be a lot of fear over what Trump will do, even from the Trump supporters. These stories about what Trump will do is colored by the campaign, which I wasn’t present for. So I can’t fully understand. I went to bed at midnight on election night and woke up in a different country. Now I understand what Einstein must of felt like when people were saying dumb things around him . . .