Massage Therapy

I have had low back trouble for many years, kind of a misaligned disk, which is usually livable, but acts up periodically. I went to a local massage a couple days ago and got a pretty good half hour massage that helped. It wasn’t enough. So today I went to the massage hospital, populated by blind doctors.

China has a policy of training many of the blind in medical massage so they can find work. They know where the trouble is by touch. Today I got a nice lady named Su Ye. She was absolutely tiny, but what a grip. When I walked into the massage room there was a woman working on a woman that was laying down. She was pushing her around pretty good. I laid face down on the next bed and Dr. Su began work. She was talking to the other doctor and I was getting one hell of a massage. Both ladies were joking and I realized that I had more than two hands on me. I looked up and both doctors were massaging my legs and were joking about how strong (maybe how fat) I was. The lady that had been getting the prior massage was standing there watching me and saw me smile with I looked up and saw the second doctor. Everybody laughed.

Anyway, I was amazed at the power that little Doctor Su has in her hands and elbows. She took care of the back, and the arthritic left wrist and I walked out of there feeling like I had been in a hell of a fight. Anyway, my back and wrist both feel really good now. If you have muscle pain or an injury, these people really seem to know what they are doing. I’ve been there several times and have never been disappointed. Some are better than others, and Doctor Su is exceptional. She told me that it is very difficult to massage a person so big that doesn’t speak the language well.

This place is located across from the Hunter Plaza at Dongmen. It’s just below the Rooftop Cafe (see: )  It’s on that little hill across from the City Mall (Zhiryue Jie). It is on the 4th floor and looks like a hospital from start to finish. No tea is served. The cost for the massage seems to vary from 60 to 68 RMB for a little less than an hour (about $10 USD).