Finding the PSB (Revisited)

Last year I posted detailed instructions, with colored glossy photos explaining how to take a bus to find the Public Security Bureau, more specifically the Exit and Entry Administrative Service Bureau ( Original Post  ). So I should have been able to find that place fairly easily. WRONG!

If you go to the Bureau, you will find it behind the Walmart as described in the post, however, when I went there on the 14th of this month (Sept 2016) there was massive construction on the southwesterly side of the shopping center, completely blocking the access to the rear of the building. I am ashamed to admit that I flagged a taxi and had to pay 10 rmb to find the place.  Even then, I didn’t have the correct verbal and I had to use a picture.  If you go there, it is a good idea to have the picture of the building: PSB Building Picture . You can put it on the computer screen and snap a picture with your cell phone. Then show it to the taxi driver after you get lost.

In retrospect, the construction makes a mess out of the directions. Going there from the bus station you walk through the center of the shopping center on a diagonal. Pass by the Walmart on your right and just go straight (westerly) toward the big clock. Pass by the clock in the center of the shopping center and walk out the back of the shopping center. Should see the big (massive) rock to the west of the shopping center and the PSB is behind that rock. Go to the second floor and you will find the Entry and Exit Burear area . . . it is labeled “Hong Kong, Macao . . . ” something. You will find the police there who can answer your questions.