The Bakerman Location

Ray has posted about the man who imports foreign food and cooking equipment at reasonable prices.  He is on the 25th floor of a residential building. It is unit 2507 to be specific. You can go there by taking the #61 bus and exiting on Wan Jiang Xiao Qu bus stop.  I have photos of the relevant bus stop. From the bus stop you walk down the hill two or three hundred meters to the arch entryway of a development.  Go through the arch, go past the basement parking entrance,  turn left and walk up the stairs. The first building on the left has two towers.  Take the tower on the right and go to the 25th floor.  You may have to wait for somebody to unlock the foyer door to get to the elevators.  Turn right off the elevator and go to the end of the hall.  Bakerman is open until 6 pm most days.