Monkey King: Spirit of the Craftsman


By: Diana
When I heard of the Monkey King, I thought it was the God of Wars in our Chinese ancient fairy tales. It is, in fact, a “fresh beer bar” name. It is run by a lady and her  family. It’s not common for an older lady to run a beer business in Guizhou and I was moved by her spirit.


Ms Kang said that when her son introduced her to fresh beer several years ago, she fell in love with it. What great taste. First she tried all kinds of fruits and vegetables to get more flavors. Then she traveled and began to learn how to make fresh beer in other cities outside of Guizhou Province. She was a successful business woman prior to the bar business and she did her own research with her own money.20161215_011719

A Guiyang native, she respected the Spirit of the Craftsman inspired by Japan and Germany in their writings. That’s why I felt so very comfortable when I first went there. Later she explained to me: “Whether you are rich or poor, you are my guest. My first priority is to make good beer and then give good service.” It isn’t about the money. It’s more about family, service and lifestyle.

When I took my friend Jack there, he commented on the nice variety of western music — rock, blues and country.  Jack drank the “wheat” beer and quickly ordered a second glass.

The brewing vats are all behind glass and are impressive to look at.Those vats kind of makes a statement: “We are craftsmen.” You can see it in Ms. Kang’s twinkling eyes. You can call the bar at 18684100081 for reservations or they can talk to your taxi driver.

Monkey King Bar has a variety of delicious foods, always fresh. For example, the Baby Squid is shown in the first picture. It’s fresh and has a special sauce. The Ji Rou Bing (Chicken Meat Pie) is like an improved burrito, with a special sauce. The spaghetti, pizza, and other dishes also have something special about them. Ms. Kang needs reservations for the fresh food because she doesn’t keep fresh product over night. Also shown above is the “Wheat Beer”.

Monkey King Bar
Nanming Area, Shinan Road
Jiu Jia Alley, Number 28
Get off the bus at Yi Tian Chen (ESTEE Shopping Center), continue along the road past the shopping center about 100 meters, turn right down the alley, about 20 meters and take another right. Go down the hill and you will find it by the parking lot.