Guiyang Wine Expo


The 4th China Guizhou International Alcoholic Beverage Expo

An opportunity for Michigan Wineries

By: John S. Porter, a Michigander

“Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Guizhou Provincial People’s Government will co-sponsor The Fourth China•Guizhou International Alcoholic Beverages Expo (Hereinafter referred to as The Expo)with the approval from the State Council of China. The Expo aims at building up a platform for the global alcohol industries with the theme of Cooperation on Global Drinks. It also opens a door of Guizhou to the world to show the province’s environment…”  From Guizhou Provincial Government announcement.

Guiyang is a newly developing provincial capital and is pushing hard to establish itself as a tourist destination. They are using the Wine Expo to promote both tourism and the newly developing Chinese interest in the grape wine industry. Guizhou is the home of Moutai Corporation which makes the most popular liquor in China.

The Guizhou Government is providing incentives for foreign wine companies to exhibit their wines and learn about marketing to China. There is a subsidy available. Also, up to 60 bottles of wine will be shipped to The Expo at no charge to the exhibitors. Wine exhibitors must arrive in China between September 2nd and 7th. Exhibitor kiosks will be provided at no charge to the exhibitors.

Travel arrangements are being made by Guizhou Overseas Travel Corp. Ltd (GZOTC). There will be three or four days in Guiyang, participating in the event, and another five or six days travel around Guizhou. Package details will be provided if Michigan Wineries wish to participate. The entire trip is expected to take the first two weeks of September and will include suitable tourist destinations.

The Guizhou Government will provide approximately $1,500 to partially offset travel and accommodation expenses. Airline tickets alone should cost about $2,000 per person and other expenses could be between $1,200 to $2,000 depending on the size of the group and where they go within Guizhou Province.

September 8 to 12 exhibitors should stay in Guiyang in support of The Expo. Tourist attractions could be visited within Guizhou Province before or after The Expo. GZOTC can customize trips throughout China if exhibitors have an interest and the time.

The wine industry in China is very young, and growing rapidly. Michigan wineries are seeking credibility in the world’s wine industry, and The Expo may be a suitable opening for marketing to China.  We can showcase Michigan in China. Certainly it can provide exhibitors with a unique China visit, with partial reimbursement as well as a possible deduction.

In order to secure the subsidy, kiosk, and ship the wine, applications must be completed quickly, by mid-July. Interested persons should contact as soon as possible to begin the process.

About Guizhou Province:


Guizhou Location Map

Guizhou Location Map

Guizhou is an interior province that is mountainous, has abundant water resources, and natural scenery. The subtropical location and mountains combine for a very moderate climate. It is a “Forest City”. There are many minority villages with fascinating lifestyles in the region..

Information about Guizhou and the expat community here can be found at: .

The Expo Sponsors:

Sponsors: Ministry of Commerce of   the People’s   Republic of China

The People’s Government of Guizhou Province

Supported by:

Commission of Development and Reform of P.R.China

Ministry of Foreign Affair of P.R.China

Ministry of Industry and Information of P.R.China

China Council for the Promotion  of International Trade

China National  Light Industry                        Council

China Alcoholic                                     Drinks Industry Association

China National Association for Liquors       and        Spirits        Circulation

Fair Schedule


August 20th , 2014

August 31th, 2014

September 7th-8th, 2014


September 9th-13th, 2014


September 14h-15h, 2014

All wine samples should arrive in Guiyang

All wine samples should be cleared from China Customs in Guiyang.

All exhibitors arrive in Guiyang, check in the hotels
Exhibition Period.

Exhibitor could start to fly back to his country or other place.

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