More on Poly Golf

The new Poly Golf course has a competitive rate structure and has completed nine holes.  It is expected that the remaining nine holes will be completed by the end of the year. The following pictures show some of the holes on the course and the real estate development surrounding the golf course. The golf course is about forty minutes from the center of Guiyang by bus and faster by taxi.


Guiyang Poly Golf

In Xintian Zhai in the Northeast of Guiyang a new golf course has opened. It is a beautiful place, with many new homes. The clubhouse and driving range are top notch and the course is professionally designed.

Tang Xinling, Cindy, is the Marketing Manager, and if you want to golf there, you can call her at 1515261199005 for a tee time. She can help you talk to a taxi driver and give you other help.  Maybe you should bring another Chinese person to help with translations.