An Exceptional Pizza Anybody?

I recently walked some old stomping grounds in Xiaoshizi. I found a new pizza parlor just off Caijia Jie on Wenbi Jie.  The interior is quaint quaint little place. I think a lot of their business is take-out. Emma, one of the partners,  makes a fine supreme pizza with a crispy crust and a lot of Mozzeralla Cheese.

Go from Zhongshan Donglu in Xiaoshizi down Caijiajie, beside the China Construction Bank (the diagonal one) and go to Wenbi Jie. Go up the hill to the T and turn left.  It is across from the public restroom.

Call EMMA at 17585676109 for more information, and be sure to ask about any current specials. There is a Wechat scan the code below:

Beckie’s Bistro for Great Pizza

We just had a tremendous pizza at Beckie’s Bistro.  It is all homemade and fresh. The menu has a lot of weird and wonderful kinds of pizza. We had fish and meatballs, sausage, hamburger and cheese, avocado

and shrimp, and  a Turkish Pizza.

We are in the housing development with the purple clock on the south side of Da Ying Lu. You go inside the development.  It’s a great little place and serves pizza only Thursdays through Sundays.  The rest of the week they make bread and prepare the ingredients for the weekend.  The menu has an English translation.  Delicious!