Domenico Musco is Coming to Guizhou

Mr. Domenico Musco  is an Italian Industrialist whose company, SPARK ELETTRONICA Srl (SPARK) is interested in developing cooperation with Guizhou companies.  SPARK has advanced expertise in electrical wiring systems, wire testers, automated sensors and control systems, and automated food sector production.

The food sector services provided by SPARK include extensive automated solutions to the beer and wine industry. Mr. Musco is particularly interested in Guizhou Province because of Guizhou’s prominence in these beverage industries. The automated systems provided by SPARK can greatly improve testing and feedback control systems, reducing human error and increasing production speed.


Mr. Musco and staff have over fifty years in the field of automation and sensors in a variety of industries. His wiring and control solutions have ranged from giga-ohm to nano-ohm systems.

Mr. Musco can be reached via email at .