Chinese and American engineer education

The following was excerpted from a recent New York Tiimes article:
… “When American high school students are discussing the latest models of airplanes, satellites and submarines, China’s smartest students are buried in homework and examination papers,” said Ni Minjing a physics teacher who is the director of the Shanghai Education Commission’s basic education department, according to Shanghai Daily, an English-language newspaper. “Students also have few chances to do scientific experiments and exercise independent thinking.”
That message appears to be getting through to Chinese education officials, who are moving toward the American model of hands-on science learning. …
It reminds me of a topic I made a video about a few years ago called:
NASA and Robots and Cyborgs, OH MY
A robot demonstration at a local car show becomes raw material for commentary on how the USA is advancing technology in the young. The NASA moon rover was part of the show. The future of the US space program is discussed with NASA staff and the importance of science in addressing the needs of humans is demonstrated as we search for a cyborg:
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