2013 International Crafts Expo, Guiyang, 2013 中国贵州国际民族民间工艺品文化产品展览会, Nov 2013


from left: Ms. Fu Heng 付恒, art teacher at Guiyang Hualin Middle School 贵阳华麟中学; retired English teacher Twinkle Cao Shan 曹闪; Rose Yu Lu, English teacher at Guiyang Hualin Middle School 贵阳华麟中学 ; Sandy Yue Junwei 岳军维, English teacher at Guiyang American-Canadian International School 贵阳美加国际学校; and exhibitor, a Shui minority embroiderer, and her daughter.

Cosplay, with local Guiyang college students

Pam Najdowski, Textile Treasures, Chinese Minority Textiles & Silver Ornaments. Dealer in Miao silver work, Chinese children’s hats, embroidered & batik textiles, antique baskets & wooden tools, at Travelers Market in Santa Fe’s De Vargas Center, New Mexico, US, pamnajdowski@yahoo.com, www.textiletreasures.info, address: 1810 Paseo de la Conquistadora, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 USA 美国, tel: (505) 982-1172 or (505) 920-4970

from Textile Treasures website, www.textiletreasures.info/ :   The People’s Republic of China officially recognizes 56 nationalities which make up their population. The Han people speaking dialects of Chinese comprise approximately 91% of the population, while the minority nationalities belonging to various other linguistic groups compose the remaining 9%. The Miao, Dong, Zhaung, Yi, Yao, Hani, Buyi, and Maonan living in mountainous areas of the southwestern provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan, Yunnan, and Sichuan are the main minorities whose incredible work are represented in our website.

Senior citizens in Guiyang’s Qianling Park singing/dancing to “Red songs” popular when they were young.








Qianling Park,Guiyang,dancing & singing old songs, 大家乐乐团 (歌舞合唱团), Nov 2013 -l, uploaded at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98531730@N02/10640109063/ 

Senior citizens singing/dancing to “Red songs” popular when they were young. Every Saturday & Sunday 9:00-11:00 am at Guiyang’s Qianling Park, just to the left and up a few stairs near the park entrance. Info (in Chinese): 151 8514 8156, Mr Liu Dezhen 刘德珍

student performance at Guiyang American-Canadian International School 贵阳美加国际学校, English corner at Hualin Middle School 贵阳华麟中学

Guiyang American-Canadian International School 贵阳美加国际学校 (“Meijia”) performance, Oct 24, 2013. See more photos of Meijia at: www.flickr.com/photos/101438178@N05/?saved=1

Foreign English teachers in photos include Anna Pashkevych (from Ukraine, teaching at Meijia), Daniel Montes (from Mexico, a teacher at the Siweite/Sweet and Fulian kindergartens in Jinyang), and Katherine Cecil (from London, formerly teaching at Hualin Middle School 华麟中学).

Guiyang American-Canadian International School 贵阳美加国际学校, with foreign teacher Anna Pashkevych, Sep 2013

visit in June 2013 to Guiyang American-Canadian International School by students from a New England association of secondary schools , uploaded at http://www.flickr.com/photos/98531730@N02/10608296134/in/photostream/

Startedu 起步教育 teachers, from left: Daniel Montes, damori88@hotmail.com, todosestanocupados@hotmail.com; Anna Pashkevych, anna_2017@ukr.net; Katherine Cecil, katherine.cecil@kcl.ac.uk; Ray Mahoney,马汉年, rmahoney58@yahoo.com; Benny Fan Xingqi 范兴旗,  Startedu 起步教育– Guiyang” , fanxq@startedu.cn; at Guiyang,Hualin Middle School,贵阳华麟中学. Photo taken after a Friday English corner at Hualin Middle School, Oct 2013.

For those interested in working in Guiyang for one of the Startedu (Qibu Jiaoyu 起步教育) schools—currently two middle schools and two kindergartens—please contact Benny Fan Xingqi 范兴旗 at: fanxq@startedu.cn; tel: 133 3961 3120. Inquiries in English can also be directed to Joe Zhao in the Shanghai headquarters: Joe Zhao Pengzhou 赵鹏洲 , pengzhou@startedu.cn ; tel: 138 1727 0315