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OK, back in service on the internet. I am quarantined, but allowed out of my house to go get food. I am monitored everywhere I go. Last week, about 10 days ago they gave me a card that had all the dates in the coming 3 months on it. I got a check mark every time I went out and had to wait 2 days before I could go out again. I have my temperature checked every time I go in and out. After four days, the 18th I had to line up to get out of the apartment complex. There maybe four officials checking the individuals in each room of the apartment house. I remember because I missed the bus going to the bank. It took all week to take 700RMB out of the bank, but that’s another story.

The Chinese installed an APP on my cell phone so I simply scan the scan-code and my phone records the time I left. Then when I get on the bus, I hit another scan-code that tells them I got on the bus. The net result is that the germ bags walking around town were all taken off the streets. Everybody wears masks. Streets that were in traffic jams are literally empty. All stores, except essential food stores are closed. It is amazing. It looks like I imagine Chernobyl Russia looked after the nuke event.

The Chinese have done an incredible job getting this situation in hand. More than eleven hundred health care workers have contracted the illness and there are pictures on social medial of a wife kissing their husband goodbye as if he is going to war. A small tear in her eye, but because he is a doctor he must go to Wuhan, the war zone. In the course of a couple weeks I recon, Wuhan has had every house searched, and the occupants tested for the virus. It has been a massive dragnet and cleanup. If anybody asks if all this trouble is necessary, I feel the answer is definitely YES. There have been no new cases (reported) in Guiyang for several days now.

What is insidious about this enemy is that you can be a carrier, or even a supercarrier, without showing symptoms. When somebody gets sick it is necessary to figure out who that person has been in contact with over the last ten days, track them down, and test them. I was in Guiyang 17 years ago when SARS hit. That was an awkward response because the true situation was hidden by government officials for months. Guizhou (my province) was the only province that didn’t get a SARS case. We are kind of isolated and in the mountains. In the end of January, when the first figures were published, we already had ten cases and rising fast. I believe the response was appropriately heavy handed, and seems successful. I am hoping that by two or three weeks into March that we will start to be getting back to work. The economic damage has been massive, like most wars.

I think the risk for me is quite low, but the inconvenience is high. We are all keeping in touch with each other by social media. I did take a long trip yesterday to stock up on coffee beans which are fairly rare in my neighborhood. I felt justified in taking off for a while because the coffee crisis seemed like an emergency to me.

In front of an almost vacant mall, with a METRO store where I bought my coffee, I saw a young couple nose to nose, trying to kiss with their masks on. I didn’t know whether to yell at them to be careful of the virus, or just cry. I walked quickly by to leave them to their privacy, nose to nose beside a vacant six lane street. If it sounds surreal, that’s because it was.

I will leave it at that right now. More will be forthcoming. Get ready, this has potential to be like a 1918 Spanish Flu. China had a head start on fighting this thing because people spreading false information got arrested quickly, and the government already has detailed records on where everybody lives. I worry about my countrymen. Will the People cooperate with their government when draconian government power is asserted during an election and in the summer of the ten-year census?

Will all the undocumented border jumpers come out to be tested in the sanctuary cities? Don’t cancel your cable TV just yet. There’s going to be a lot of entertainment this year for all you news freaks. Stock your pantries and pick out a nice surgical mask. This is a not so slow-moving train coming right at the human race. I hope I am exaggerating. Let’s just work together and try to get through this. Pray for good luck, good leaders, and an understanding country.

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How a Virus Can Spread

Flights from China are again landing at Detroit Metro Airport.

Detroit Metro Airport Selected To Accept Flights From China


FEBRUARY 04, 2020 – 7:43 AM
airport coronavirus
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

DETROIT (WWJ) – Flights from China are again landing at Detroit Metro Airport.

The Department of Homeland Security says Detroit Metro is one of 11 airports in the U.S. to start receiving flights from China amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The department on Sunday began enforcing restrictions for all passenger flights to the U.S. carrying individuals who have recently traveled from China.

Under the new rules, U.S. citizens who have traveled in China within the last 14 days will be re-routed to one of 11 designated airports, where they will undergo enhanced health screening procedures. Those returning from Hubei province, the center of the outbreak, will be subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

“Although airport staff does not conduct passenger screening, our emergency responders are prepared to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health departments with medical transportation and police escorts, when needed,” Wayne County Airport Authority CEO Chad Newton said in a statement. “Also, out of an abundance of caution, we’re cleaning the Federal Inspection Station—also known as the International Arrivals area—more frequently in both the McNamara and North terminals.”

Meanwhile, most non-U.S. citizens who have traveled in China within the last 14 days will be denied entry into the United States, except for immediate family members of U.S. citizens, permanent residents and flight crew.

The virus has infected almost 10,000 people globally in just two months, a troublesome sign that prompted the World Health Organization to declare the outbreak a global emergency. Although the CDC expects more cases of the coronavirus in the U.S., the risk of infection for Americans remains low.

For more information on travel to and from China, visit the DHS website.

Virus Update from China, Personal Impressions

There has been significant social media on this Corona Viris problem here in China.  I have heard that there is a survival rate of about 98 percent, with the deaths occuring in vulnerable sub-populations like old people, very young people, and pre-existing conditions. I was here in China 17 years ago when SARS hit and I must say that the Chinese response has been impressive this time. The only criticism I have heard is that the government should have told the people how serious it was earlier.  In fact, if the government had done so, it would have encouraged everybody to get out of Wuhan, spreading the viris,  and probably limiting the effectiveness of the quaranteen. It is amazing how fast they can shut down a city of 12M people. That is bigger than any US city. It was very impressive.

Unlike the SARS epidemic seventeen years ago, the authorities seem to be in lock step with the World Health Organization (WHO). I understand there has been a shakeup in the Health Officials in Wuhan. I actually have some contacts with the Airport in Guiyang. It has very recently become certified by the WHO as an “International Sanitary Airport”. They proved to WHO that they had up to date procedures in place for exactly this kind of event, and many others.

In contrast to 17 years ago, those of us with access to Western News watched a lot of concern about SARS in China.  At that time China was in denial, still telling tourists that SARS was fully contained. Come to China, it’s safe! Then, just a little later, the new President, Hu Jin Tao, took office and had a press conference. He said that he knew there had been a coverup and from now on they would do exactly what the WHO told them to do. A Western news reporter asked the first question . . . “If there was a coverup, who was responsible and what are you going to do about it.” (Good old Western Media). President Hu said: “We are looking into that right now.” The next day the Mayor of Beijing was canned along with the leader of the Health Department. Wow.

The next day the news in China changed. Instead of denials, everything was all about SARS. I happened to travel between cities at that time and the police stopped the bus in the countryside. Two nurses got on the bus and  tested everybody’s body temperature. The response seventeen years ago was first telling us not to worry and then in a day it turned into SARS information everywhere and total commitment.

Now we are told to stay out of crowds, wear masks, and wash hands, a lot. I had trouble finding a mask to wear so I used a scarf when I went out. The police called to make sure I was where the records said I was and said to call them if I had any trouble.  The next day I did call them about how to get a mask. They took care of it.

I understand that the police are taking inventory of all foreigners here. That is a good thing. This event took place at perhaps the worst possible time, with Chinese cued up for Spring Festival. Spring Festival is like Christmas Vacation on steroids. It is a family time and people leave the cities to visit the parents, the largest human mass migration in the world. Maybe the vacating of many cities is a blessing, with Chinese getting out of harm’s way just in time. Anyway, people are staying put. With a gestation period of 10 to 20 days (I am told) we should be getting results about the effectiveness of the measures in a couple weeks.

During the SARS epidemic Guizhou Province didn’t get a single case. Locals attributed it to the relative isolaition of the Province, the widespread use of Moutai (the preferred spirits of 108 proof) and the local favorite medicinal tree root which  they put in everything.Although Guizhou appeared on the Viris maps early in the spread of the disease, it didn’t seem to spike like other outbreaks around China. This might be attributed to the lack of people in town. During Spring Festival people left and seem to be staying away.  We now have about ten known cases in a city of 5M people. Nevertheless, I plan to stay away from both bats and snakes, which were the original culprits in Wuhan.

John S. Porter  (AKA: Jack)

Inka Pranked Me

It is easy to make mistakes when learning Chinese.  It is a complex language.

Inka pranked me.  “Wall” means “Qiang” (墙) in Chinese.  “Juice” means “Guozhi”果汁) and “Shabby” means ” Po land de” (破烂的). In Chinese the three words together sounds like “I am an idiot.”

Protected: Tour Guizhou’s Accent Enhancement Page

Horse and Foot on the Same Day

It is not often that I get horse meat and and a foot on the same day.. In fact a couple days ago was  the first time I have eaten horse meat, and I’ve been coming to Guizhou for nineteen years.  Served with a lot of spice, it was tender and quite tasty. The chicken foot, also shown, is a staple of Guizhou cooking.  Of course it all is served with a lot of purple and red peppers. The meal with the horse on the table also included duck, chicken, and pork.

The horse meat is nearest on the plate. Also shown is duck, chicken, pork, tomatoes, and rice.

For those who favor free range chickens, you would love Guizhou.  Chickens that run around free have callouses on  their feet which are much tastier, with more meat, than the bony feet of caged chickens.

The chicken foot is on the bottom. It wasn’t as big as it looks. It is in a small bowl.

Guiyang Weather

I have found a very cool web site with a good consolidated  weather forecast as well as historic data.  It is:


Weather for Monday SAMPLE DATA

Narrative from


Guiyang nestles in the southwest of China, on the eastern side of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It has a pleasant moist subtropical climate with plenty of sunlight and ample rainfall. It does not have intense heat in summer or severe cold in winter. Guiyang weather is fresh and humid without any sandstorm. The agreeable climate makes it a cozy city for living.

A yearly average temperature of Guiyang is about 15C (59F). July is the hottest month of the year with an average of 24C (75F) while January is the coldest one, averaging a temperature of 4.6C (40F). This place features four distinctive seasons, with winter to be the longest one.

Its genial year-around weather contributes a lot to its popularity among travelers. However, due to the changeful weather on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, it is recommended to take rain wear along with you whenever you go out. A folding umbrella is indispensable! Due to its topography, the things for anti-solar radiation should be fully prepared. Mornings and evenings can often be rather cool so a windproof coat is necessary.

If you are lucky enough to visit in March or April, you can experience a lot of traditional Miao festivals. From April 30 to May 7 there is the Baiyun National Kites Festival and from June to August is the Hongfeng Lake Tourism Festival, lasting nearly two months. The best seasons for visiting the Huangguoshu Waterfall near Guiyang are summer and autumn when the scenery is the most splendid. The good weather means that travelers can visit at any time of the year. However, the best weather there is in late August.

Skydive Panda

The Skydive Panda venture is new to China and is located in Anshun, the “Waterfall  Town”. Skydive Panda is a new team of professional sky divers opening  at the Anshun Airport. Anshun is known for the largest waterfall in China (the Waterfall town) which is part of the Pearl River Water System. Anshun has the distinctive “Karst” mountain formations (About Karst) and is a famous tourist destination.

Now, the professional skydivers of Skydive Panda are hosted by the Anshun private aviation airport, the first private aviation airport to support a sky diving venture in China. Due to the mountainous and scenic character of Anshun Prefecture, the best landing area is the Anshun Airport itself!

You can jump by yourself (tandem with instructor) for about 3000 RMB or with a camera held by the coach for another 800 RMB. If you want a third person to jump with you and do a video by a cameraman, in addition to a handheld camera,  the total cost for two cameras is 5400 RMB.

The coaches shown are Shalome, from Israel and Slava , from Russia.

People interested in jumping can call Robin at 15597701004 or Leon at 13809429830 for information about the cost and how to go there.


Skydive Panda is a production of:

Guizhou Aviation Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd

Street Food

One of the many things I like about Guiyang is the street food.  I took a half hour bus ride to get home last night (about 30 cents) and had the munchies.  So in front of my house is a little BBQ where I bought three beef and green pepper kabobs and a baby squid on a stick.  All were roasted over charcoal in front of me and spiced to perfection (another $2.50). So for $3.00 I had a ride and a respectable midnight snack.

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