Check out Maishi Workshop

Check the new “Huaguoyuan Step To the World Workshop” 花果园迈世工坊. The workshop format is there for guests to create their own activities. The theme for this workshop area is fusion of East and West culture.

The lightening fast internet is available to guests and there are many chairs and tables for private and comfortable work. It is hoped that this location, first building on the left out of the Orchid Square Station, will attract guests from around the Guiyang region.

It is in the business area of the Huaguoyan’s International Business Center. The M area is the four buildings adjacent to the BRT Orchid Square Station. Maishi takes delivery of food from the many fine area restaurants providing a quiet and attractive area to have dinner.

Please feel free to join the MS Wechat Group by using the ID of “Anuoism”.

You can see the lounge area from outside in the hall.

The first building on the left has ample elevators, all of which go to the 25th floor.

The specific address for the MS Workshop is Huaguoyuan International Business Center, Building M3, 25th Floor, Rooms 2521 and 2522.  Here are some pictures.

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