Guizhou Renhe Football Club 贵州人和足球俱乐部


Guizhou Renhe Football Club 贵州人和足球俱乐部

Guizhou Renhe F.C.

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Guizhou Renhe Football Club (simplified Chinese: 贵州人和; traditional Chinese: 貴州人和; pinyin: Guìzhōu Rénhé) is a Chinese professional football club based in Guiyang, Guizhou. They play at the Guiyang Olympic Centre and currently compete in the Chinese Super League. Founded in Pudong, Shanghai in 1995, the club was originally known as Shanghai Pudong though they changed their second part of their name on several occasions to suit their sponsors. During the 2006 season, the club, which had named itself Shanghai International, would move away from Shanghai to Shaanxi and rename themselves Xi’an Chanba International, or Inter Xi’an by the fans. Before the 2012 season, the club moved to Guizhou, and changed their name to Guizhou Renhe.

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