Guizhou Forerunner College (in Huishui, Guizhou) 贵州盛华职业学院

Guizhou Forerunner College 贵州盛华职业学院

As the first non-profit funded college in China, Guizhou Forerunner College aims to support the underserved low income, blind, and minority communities in the Guizhou Province of China by providing a world class education through innovative teaching.

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Guizhou Forerunner College, Huishui, Guizhou, China

Q: When was the School Founded?
A: The school was officially opened on September 15, 2011 and admitted its first class of 200 students from various counties in Guizhou Province to its School of Hotel Management, School of Computer Appplication, Duocai Guizhou School of Tea, and the Bright Angel College for the blind.

Q: Who founded the school?
A: Ms. Cher Wang, co-founder and Chairman of leading smartphone developer, HTC Corp., and Mr. WenChi Chen, President and CEO of VIA Technologies, Inc., a complete platform provider, established VIA Faith-Hope-Love Public Welfare Foundation in 2008 to improve the conditions of the disadvantaged, especially in rural areas, through education, medical care, and science and technology.

Q: What is the motto of the college?
A: Integrity, Love and Nobility.

Q: What are the discplines offered by the college?
A: GFC School of Computer Application, GFC School of Hotel Management, Duocai Guizhou School of Tea, Bright Angel College for the blind, GFC Minority Culture and Heritage Center and GFC School of Education.

Q: Who are the target student groups of GFC?
A: The college aims to admit those students who excel in their field of studies but has financial difficulties in Guizhou province. At least 1/3 of the students will receive financial aid for full tuition; another 1/3 will receive financial aid to cover half of the tuition while those students with extreme difficulties will also receive living allowances.

Q: How long do the students study at the College?
A: The College offer a 3-year program and degrees to the students in various disciplines.

Q: What kind of degrees do they get when they graduate from this college?
A: Only GFC Minority Culture and Heritage Center offers both a 3-year Technical Secondary School Education degree and a 3-year Vocational (College) School degree. All the other disciplines only offer 3-year Vocational (College) degrees.

Q: What happens after the students graduate?
A: The College will attempt to place all the graduates in internship or full time positions in its many business partners. For example, the students of Hotel Management will be referred to Marriott International, an American-based worldwide operator and franchisor of a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities.

Q: Are there clubs on Campus?
A: Yes, everyday students have designated club activity schedules as well as extracurricular clubs outside school hours.

Q: Who are the staff?
A: The school staff includes local teaching and administrative staff, various representatives from business partners, many volunteers from the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of China.

Q: What are the sports facilities on campus?
A: The school has a standard soccer field, indoor basketball courts, tennis courts, table tennis tables, and badminton courts.

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