Fatima Khan’s book ‘A December Evening’ captures everyone’s heart in China.

Whether you talk about Coffee Reading Salons or English Libraries, Dr. Fatima Khan’s collection of short stories ‘A December Evening’ has spilled a frenzy everywhere.

A December Evening is indeed an epitome of tamed brilliance and creativity.  All the short stories are exquisite. The book is like a warm beautifully woven blanket, you don’t feel like coming out once you slip in.

Fatima packs in quite a cerebral punch in her book.

Dr. Fatima Khan was born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates and spent most of her time there. She graduated from Medical School in 2016, travelling regularly to UAE to meet her family while studying in India between 2009 and 2016.
Writing has been her passion for as long as she remembers. She started writing seriously to get marks at school. Post-school she writes to share her experiences, experiences of others she came across and thoughts that romanticise every day conversations.
Her first book of poems, Feelings Take Flight, was published in May 2014. Her first collection of short stories A December Evening, was published in March 2015.
In 2016, she got married and headed to San Diego, California, USA to begin a new chapter in the story of her life. She is currently pursuing her US Medical License motivating herself cooking sumptuous recipes and can be found brainstorming business ideas &/or indulging in new hobbies in her free time.