Chiang Mai Suneta Hostel

A low cost getaway to Thailand from Southern China is Chiang Mai.  The Suneta Hostel is a good, clean alternative. It is just a few hundred yards from the gateway (Tha Pae Gate) to the old city. It is located at 20 Chang Moi Kao Road, Chang Moi, Muang, Chiang Mai  50300
See: Suneta Hostel . Phone Number (66)53232345 where 66 is country code. In Thailand delete the 66 and use 053232345 .

Prices are typically 440 Baht to 550 Baht about 13 to 14 dollars USD a night, depending on the season and discount. A private room for one person is about 16 dollars.

Checking in is normally between 2PM and 11PM. If you come earlier you may  be able to call and get an earlier checkin time. The front desk is not staffed between 11PM and 7AM. Be sure to learn how to use the night key.

The airport taxi should cost you 150 baht (about 5 USD). You may want to take a blue bus from the airport for 20 baht, but it takes almost an hour, compared to about 20 minutes by taxi.  The airport taxi may cost up to 300 baht for a new van.

The staff is friendly and can help you find services, such as massage and tours. They can even find some discounts for you. You can contact the hotel directly by email at: .

This Tha Phae Gate is very distinctive, and everybody know where it is. There is a McDonalds, Burger King, and Starbucks in close proximity.




This is the entrance to the street where the hostel is located.   It is opposite the Tha Phae Gate. The hostel is about two hundred meters down  this one way street, on the right.

More info about busses: