Guizhou Photos of Yu Jia Hua

yujiahuaYu Jiahua was born in Shanghai in 1952. When he was 14 years old, China began the great revolution of culture (Cultural Revolution). All of the schools in China stopped having class. Mr. Yu picked up a camera and loved it. The revolution and freedom from school allowed him to travel. He began taking pictures with a rented camera.
He first came to Guizhou at age 17 (1969) because in that time President Mao ordered him to leave Shanghai, as many city people had to go to the countryside. This was intended to educate the young people about the world and rural China. He began learning English in 1976 as it had become fashionable. He was not a student at that time and he had to learn by himself from records, radio, TV, and other English materials.
He began taking Guizhou photos in 1969 and has been taking pictures of Guizhou for over forty years. Around 2000 his photography was very famous in Guizhou and was published in the Guizhou Daily News and several other Guizhou publications.

Guiyang Private Movies

A new movie house has opened that caters to private groups. It has a large variety of movies available, including new releases. There are five private rooms with screens, couches, and even mattresses. An ideal place for a private party of two to twelve. It is in the Huaguoyuan Center, right above the public cinema on the 32nd floor.

If you want to book a room for a private party, it costs 68 rmb for a two hour movie. If you want six hours, it would be 204 rmb, and so on. You can call Mr. Wang at 13511973753 to get more information or to book a room. The photos below show more about the place:

Trouble in Ray’s Library

Last year I helped save a library from abandonment when Ray fell ill and had to leave China for the USA . . . see Ray’s Library . The library was moved into storage, but unfortunately, there was a leak in the roof of the new storage room. We lost five or ten percent of the books to mold and pages that are glued together. I was able to save several books by laying them out in the sun.

We have thrown out some books and elevated others in the hope of saving the rest of the library. We even attempted an interior repair of the roof, but I am not particularly impressed with the workmanship.

Colorful Guizhou Helicopter Rides

Chishui is located in the extreme north of Guizhou Province. It has beautiful bamboo forests, rivers, mountains and waterfalls. The helicopter ride cost 400 rmb to 1200 rmb per person and is unlike any other tours in China. The helicopter can take three passengers at a time. Tours can last from five minutes to more than twenty minutes.

Chishui is shown in the video, but tours are available in three other beautiful locations in Guizhou . . . Libo, Huanguo Shu Waterfall, and Du Shan.

For further information call Robin at 15597701004 or send an email to You can also contact . |

Baby Coming

As an old bachelor, without children, I don’t have any experience of someone having a baby near me.  I have a large apartment which is shared with a Chinese couple, expecting a baby. The baby is due in two weeks, and I asked the future mother if there was anything I could do. . . “No.”

So I asked for the husband’s phone number, just in case, and she said that he wouldn’t understand me anyway, but she gave me the number. So this morning at 3 AM I hear some rustling around, doors opening, etc. She says, “Maybe we will go to the hospital.”, “Anything I can do?”, “No. My husband is getting the car.” I told them not to worry, I will make sure that all the doors are locked . . .

I am very attached to this couple. So how long do I have to wait before I call the husband for an update? So what do you say to somebody who is waiting . . . especially if they don’t speak English? Sheesh !

Hopefully everything will come out OK and I’ll get good news in due course.