Invitation to our Holiday Party

A message from the Administrator (Jack) of this web site:

The website is cooperating with Shirley Gallery to create a Holiday Party on behalf of local artists. The cost is 100 RMB per person . This covers all the food, drinks, door prizes, and entertainment. The event is December 27 (Tuesday evening),  6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The location is on the river at Jian Daojie 72.   All proceeds from ticket sales are dedicated to paying the bills of the Gallery, and thereby support the art community of Guiyang. Many artists are permitted to display their work for free, and patrons are permitted to tour the gallery free of charge. The Gallery (second floor) and Restaurant (on the first floor) will be closed to the public on the 27th. This is a private party and is intended to support the artist community of Guizhou.

We will have grape wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, and tea to drink. Here are some examples of the food to expect:

We are providing a Wechat link so you can buy your tickets online through Wechat. This is new for us, so we need your patience. You will have to scan the Wechat link. This is Diana’s account, so if you are not Diana’s Friend, then you must first become a Friend, then we can compete the transaction.531440729684275769  After you are a Friend, you enter your Name, Phone Number,  and how many tickets, with names of guests. Diana will respond with the amount needed, and then you send the payment. Finally she will respond with “Got”. Then you will be registered.

If anybody has trouble buying tickets online, please send an email to me at, or just call me at 13158092660 . I will find a way to get your payment. We need all tickets sold in advance so we can cover the cost of the event. Please respond by this Friday.

This is going to be the best event of the year for our new little website. There are links below to show something about the Gallery. If you miss this event, you are really going to regret it !  🙂

The Shirley Private Gallery

Art of Yin Shilong

Many Faces of Yin Shilong


(If you have already responded and have already bought your ticket, don’t worry, you are already registered.)



Many Faces of Yin Shi Long


Artist Yin Shi Long

Speaking with Artist Yin Shi Long today, December 14, 2016, it was nice to learn about how the Artist(s) think about their work. Artist Yin has been an active artist in Guizhou for many years. Although his work is truly professional quality, he has done many kinds of work to support himself, his wife and six year old daughter. Artist Yin paints murals for people, does photography, and teaches art. Over the years he has done many kinds of work, often with the artist’s eye for design. He comes from a family of working people, not independently wealthy. His father always had some kind of art in the home, especially the lifelike tiny figurines made of bread dough.

Artist Yin’s Uncle Yin Guang Zhong (Uncle Yin ) was an inspiration to him and helped teach him in his teenage years. Today we talked about his thinking behind the paintings and abstract head sculptures. guess-how-many-facesYou may notice that the faces in the paintings have no eyes. Also, there are also no eyes in the sculptures. That is because many people are blind to the beauty of nature around them. It may have something to do with the fact that people are so busy making money. Many people only care about money. Some artists are criticized by their friends because they don’t make very much money. Yet the artists see the beauty around them.


Angry Stone of the Mountain God

One painting is a called the Angry Stone of the Mountain God. It shows a natural stone in the Guizhou area that Artist Yin passes every day. The painting has a darkness, showing the anger of the Mountain God, which represents Nature. After Yin had completed the painting, his anger about the polluted environment was diminished. The art was a kind of release of emotion. Artist Yin explained that people are angry, but they don’t know how to express this anger. The artist can help create this communication. Like a volcano about to erupt, people have emotions which they do not express. Then sometimes there is an explosion.
where-are-the-eyesThe many faces sculpture visualizes the moods of a person. A person really has many faces depending upon what the surrounding conditions create. A person can be good or bad, often depending on the environment that this person is in. talking-about-one-man-and-many-facesYou may feel that someone is a good person, but from a different angle, or in a different environment he is different. People can be good, bad, kind, frightened, aggressive, happy, or sad. Time and environment creates many faces for one person.
From his father, Artist Yin learned how to use bread dough to make figurines. This work is not displayed this month at the gallery, however, he has given us some pictures of his other work. These particular figurines tell a Chinese story about the punishment of a bad person. Chinese have a long history. This story is one known to many Chinese, from the Qing Dynasty in Guizhou Province: “Mr. Ding Kills Andehai”.



The Artist creates a mood for each person. Each person can see something different in the Artist’s work. Artist Yin gave us his visualization.

The Art of Yin Shi Long will be on display at Shirley Gallery until the end of the month (Dec 2016).

Yin Shi Long at Shirley Gallery

The art of Yin Shi Long is on display at the Shirley Gallery through the end of this month. The name of the Exhibition is loosely translated as “Frameless”

Shirley gave a big dinner for patrons of her gallery on opening night, Thursday, November 26, 2016.  Artist Yin was present along with his uncle, Artist Yin Guang Zhong, who was early inspiration to Shi Long. Yin Shi Long is both a sculptor and a painter as shown in his works below.


The Gallery Hours are 11AM to 6PM, every day. Since Shirley has a restaurant on the first floor of her building, she can host private parties at her gallery upon request.

Shirley Gallery

72 Jian Dao Jie
Guiyang, Guizhou

Guiyang City Photos, by Yu Jiahua

The City of Guiyang in Guizhou Province is as modern as they come in China, with it’s share of modern structures.  Here are some examples by Mr. Yu.

Guizhou Photos of Yu Jia Hua

yujiahuaYu Jiahua was born in Shanghai in 1952. When he was 14 years old, China began the great revolution of culture (Cultural Revolution). All of the schools in China stopped having class. Mr. Yu picked up a camera and loved it. The revolution and freedom from school allowed him to travel. He began taking pictures with a rented camera.
He first came to Guizhou at age 17 (1969) because in that time President Mao ordered him to leave Shanghai, as many city people had to go to the countryside. This was intended to educate the young people about the world and rural China. He began learning English in 1976 as it had become fashionable. He was not a student at that time and he had to learn by himself from records, radio, TV, and other English materials.
He began taking Guizhou photos in 1969 and has been taking pictures of Guizhou for over forty years. Around 2000 his photography was very famous in Guizhou and was published in the Guizhou Daily News and several other Guizhou publications.

Guiyang Private Movies

A new movie house has opened that caters to private groups. It has a large variety of movies available, including new releases. There are five private rooms with screens, couches, and even mattresses. An ideal place for a private party of two to twelve. It is in the Huaguoyuan Center, right above the public cinema on the 32nd floor.

If you want to book a room for a private party, it costs 68 rmb for a two hour movie. If you want six hours, it would be 204 rmb, and so on. You can call Mr. Wang at 13511973753 to get more information or to book a room. The photos below show more about the place: