Jiang’s Blood and Guts Noodles

My friend Jenny just opened a popular restaurant on a popular corner in Guiyang. The coagulated pig blood is a delicacy in Guiyang, as are the intestines of the pig. These are combined with noodles and broth to make a very popular noodle soup. Jiang is a famous name and a popular bowl of noodles known in Guiyang.  This is a franchise situation. I think Jenny has a winner.

McDonalds is Open

McDonalds was opened on Christmas Eve.  Prices seem reasonable with a Big Mac, Fries, and a Coke at under 25rmb. Upsized fries is about 27.5rmb. Stu spoke Chinese and ass’t manager translated his Chinese for him, and screwed it up.  Then the cash register was jammed and they had to call the Manager over to override it. The wait staff needs to be a little better trained, but altogether it was a good experience at a reasonable price.

Rice and Beans

20141019_125941Yifei is about 14 and stops by for lunch sometimes.  He helps me learn Chinese and I teach him English.  On a Sunday we cooked rice and beans, and talked about the process in both Chinese and English.  It is a good learning experience and good food.20141019_130023

First we went shopping and picked up some ingredients. Then we fried the meat with mushroom and onions. We added some peppers, both Chinese and American. Finally, we mixed the beans and bean juice, which I had bought (already cooked) in the local grocery. While this was going on we cooked the rice. It all was really nice.


Wine Expo Video — Alco-tourism

The Guizhou Wine Expo had a promotional video detailing the attractions of Guizhou.  I captured part of it on my cell phone camera.  Then I pulled out an old video from when I visited the Miao countryside.  The song of the Miao Women when they ask you to drink their sweet rice wine is really extraordinary, and in no way exaggerated by the promotional video.  I’ve added a couple clips . . .



Octoberfest at the Kempinski Hotel

The Octoberfest celebration is finished and it was a good time. The Paulaner brew pub on the sixth floor of the Kempinski brewed an Octoberfest beer that was very good. It was very German, but not too heavy and not too dark. The happy hour (two for one) prevailed all night, rather than cutting off at 8 pm. The Manager, Aynur Ozcan, has put together a friendly and competent staff. A fine time was had by all.

The menu is very cool, with many items for 58 RMB, which includes a salad bar. There were two bands, who alternated to keep the evening lively. . .

For more information about the Guiyang Kempinski, go to:


There were many good times and good songs.

Burger King 汉堡王 in Guiyang,June 2014,at Hongtongcheng shopping center 鸿通城购物中心 near Guiyang Railway Station 贵阳火车站

Burger King  汉堡王 in Guiyang,June 2014,at Hongtongcheng shopping center 鸿通城购物中心 near Guiyang Railway Station 贵阳火车站

A Burger King opened in Guiyang, Guizhou province a couple of months back, along with a Baskin-Robbins, and soon a Starbucks. KFC and Pizza Hut have been here for several years. No McDonald’s yet, though.

I visited the Burger King today for the first time (I got a fish sandwich) with this teacher of English who I had met when he was a student at the college in Fuyang, Anhui where I was teaching last year. At the Burger King I saw a couple from Oklahoma with their two adopted Chinese kids (the husband does translation and business advising, and goes to the English corner at the local Protestant church), plus a group of about 10 American college students studying Chinese for several weeks at Guizhou University. Two of this group were from Kentucky.

Beckie’s Bistro for Great Pizza

We just had a tremendous pizza at Beckie’s Bistro.  It is all homemade and fresh. The menu has a lot of weird and wonderful kinds of pizza. We had fish and meatballs, sausage, hamburger and cheese, avocado

and shrimp, and  a Turkish Pizza.

We are in the housing development with the purple clock on the south side of Da Ying Lu. You go inside the development.  It’s a great little place and serves pizza only Thursdays through Sundays.  The rest of the week they make bread and prepare the ingredients for the weekend.  The menu has an English translation.  Delicious!

The Bakerman Location

Ray has posted about the man who imports foreign food and cooking equipment at reasonable prices.  He is on the 25th floor of a residential building. It is unit 2507 to be specific. You can go there by taking the #61 bus and exiting on Wan Jiang Xiao Qu bus stop.  I have photos of the relevant bus stop. From the bus stop you walk down the hill two or three hundred meters to the arch entryway of a development.  Go through the arch, go past the basement parking entrance,  turn left and walk up the stairs. The first building on the left has two towers.  Take the tower on the right and go to the 25th floor.  You may have to wait for somebody to unlock the foyer door to get to the elevators.  Turn right off the elevator and go to the end of the hall.  Bakerman is open until 6 pm most days.

getting imported cheese and canned soups in Guiyang: Youyou Baking 优优烘焙 (Youyou Hongbei), in 25th fl apt/store in Dayingpo, northern part of Guiyang

store in Guiyang with foreign brand food products–cheese, soups, imported butter, etc – from a 25th fl  apt/store

store name: Youyou Baking 优优烘焙 (Youyou Hongbei), tel: 86-189 8511 3035, email: 32634666@qq.com,  http://q.weibo.com/1150041, website: http://youyouhongbei.taobao.com/shop/view_shop.htm?user_number_id=651370963&ssid=r11, youyouhp.taobao.com, address: 贵阳市大营坡营通花园E座2单元2507号, Room 2507, Unit 2, Bldg E, Yingtong Garden, Dayingpo, Guiyang

Nov 2013 photo is of store owner with expats in Guiyang hungry for a taste of home. From right: Yaacov Ben-David (a Canadian/Israeli/Iranian biologist researching cancer drugs at the Guizhou Medical Plants Botanical Garden / Key Laboratory of Chemistry for Natural Products of Guizhou Province under Chinese Academy of Sciences, from Toronto),  Jack Porter (Guizhou Normal University, from Michigan), Hal Wolowitz (Guizhou Finance and Economics University, from New York City), Ray Mahoney (Guiyang American-Canadian International School, from Kentucky).