About Training Dragons

A community named Berk is the home of Vikings.  These Vikings are plagued by Dragons.  This is the story of a boy named Hiccup who is trying to become a man and be a respected member of the village.  He is small and weak, and has no respect. Even his father doesn’t respect him . . .

Fragments of the video are shown below in two lists. The first is shown by chapter and the second list provides the most notable quotations to be practiced by the students (IPhones are buggy for first list, but good later). The second list is helpful particularly on a cell phone when the student has two or three minutes that might otherwise be wasted.  The student can touch the sentence and practice the sentences, words, intonations, pauses, volume and gestures of the actors during time that might otherwise be wasted. Skip to the third list for continuous loop practice.

Click Below for practice loops.
Note: listen to the Actor and then duplicate his gestures, speed, enphasis, and his delivey. Look for face and body movement which add emotional content.
 About Dragons
Continuous Loops

This Demo is free for viewing and shows the technique that the Accent Enhancement project is moving into.  All suggestions are appreciated at johnsporter@gmail.com