Long Li Ancient City and Jin Ping Countryside

Long Li is located about four hours southeast of Guiyang in an area of Miao and Dong minority people. The walls around the city, the water system and the fortress are all intact.  It doesn’t have the tourist pressure like … Continue reading

BMIC project — Bangladesh-Myanmar-India-China corridor; 440 million people in Yunnan, Bangladesh, Burma and Indian states of West Bengal, Bihar and the northeast region

India and China Seek Economic Integration Via Burma, Bangladesh By NEETA LAL / ASIA SENTINEL|  Nov 6, 2013 |http://www.irrawaddy.org/china/india-china-seek-economic-integration-via-burma-bangladesh.html  and www.natunbarta.com/english/business-and-finance/2013/11/0… The recent endorsement by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of a multibillion dollar construction corridor encompassing … Continue reading