2016 Hiking in China • Southwest Guizhou

The Southwest Guizhou Xingyi Wanfenglin International Walking Hikng Event has begun recruiting of participants and guests. Local foreigners in Guiyang are in high demand and are invited to participate in the event as guests.

Xingyi is beautiful in the autumn, and this is the third annual hiking expedition. The
Xingyi Wanfeng Lin is a famous made famous by geographer and traveler Xu Xiake during the Ming Dynasty. His poem referenced “Scenic areas within the mountains, pastoral landscapes, rivers, villages, caves, all intertwined, and beautiful.

The event is scheduled for November 4th to 6th and is expected to have five to six hundred participants.  The cost is 800 yuan per person and foreign guests are free to participate at no charge. The registration office is located in Qian Shan Hotel, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. Tel: 0859-3116669 . Foreigners should call Robin at 15597701004.